1. Rockhard288

    His OnlyFans empire is huge. I do like that it revealed just how many white gay porn models are willing to work with black models. Always surprises me. He did what many gay studios were hesitant to do for years before OnlyFans came onto the scene. And unfortunately those studios missed out on good profits, but I guess the models won.

    • Max

      The white guys are getting paid they aren’t having sex with Rhyheim for free. They are professionals! The white guys who have sex with Rhyheim obviously are attracted to black men. He has fucked Dakota Payne, Felix Fox, Cole Connor, and Devin Franco a couple times. He has fucked European guys like John Thomas, Josh Moore, Gabriel Cross. But you are never going to see the high profile white American models have sex with Rhyheim. Chris Damned did a video with Rhyheim but he did not bottom for him. Chris doesn’t bottom for Black guys only white men on his only fans. You’re not going to see Pierce Paris, Dante Colle, Michael Del Ray, or JJ Knight have sex with Rhyheim. That’s just not going to happen they got standards.

      • C.A.

        High Profile? Cade Maddox and Rhyheim chared Michael Boston and someone else. They seemed really into each other. Skyy Knoxx, Carter Dane, KC Jaye/Fitness Freak UNleashed., Sean Ford, Justin the Jock from SC, SC Manny aka Diego Daniels. He’s worked with plenty of top tier white models. If Michael Delray and He haven’t hooked up before it could be because of timing as Michael has done plenty intteracial scenes, along with Dante. Chris Damned doesn’t bottom for studio porn, so he goes his own way and just because he hasn’t bottomed for Rhyheim doesn’t mean he won’t in the future. As for JJ Knight, He’s a clown who puts out terrible filmed content. Who has two posters of themselves on either side of their bed??? Pierce everything up his ass, so the time will come. However, this all hypothetical and it Rhyheim wants to screw any of them.?

        This isn’t one sided and Rhyheim should be glad if these white performers want to work with him, it’s also a huge factor if he wants to work with them. It is his OF and he’s doing pretty well, so it’s not as he needs those performers you named to give him any clout or legitimacy. He has a place as a top tier performer and puts out solid sexy content.

        • Max

          Rhyheim definitely needs the white guys they don’t need him. Do you honestly believe Rhyheim would be this popular if it wasn’t for the white Boys? The white guys give Rhyheim a wider audience. Without the white guys Rhyheim would just be another boring black model with a huge dick. Also sure Cade Maddox and Chris Damned did a video with him. But Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Michael Del Ray and JJ Knight aren’t going to bottom for him. Not in a million years. Rhyheim is a one trick pony.

          • baz

            No-one wants to see those overexposed in every porn arena people anyway. Rhyheim seems to be doing just fine with the models who he works with. Seeing scene number 6353748472 with floppy dick Pierce Paris (or any of those other people) is not a loss for anyone, so unless you have proof Rhyheim has been chasing after them to film with him…..

  2. Trevor St Pierre Vanderbilt

    Rhyheim Shabazz looks like a nice guy but his videos at this point are exactly THE SAME! we want more romance, more sentimentality, not HIM smoking a joint and the bottom being slaughtered by a bunch of dudes.

    • vonschlomo

      Yeah, they are samey. But, since he seems to really crank out such a volume of scenes I’m not sure how anything romantic or sentimental is going to appear organic and not just acting, which BTW porn performers are NEVER good at acting. I suppose it is asking for too much but it would be really great if all the Onlyfans guys just turned the cameras on and had regular hot sex. As it is, I see too many guys, especially the guys you see in so many OF vids, adding in sound effects to enhance their performance! Silly breathing and growling and exaggerated deep voices trying to appear butch. Onlyfans started out as and is supposed to be HOMEMADE but I see guys who are making A LOT of content starting to move toward studio porn company characteristics. Yes, we need production values to be LIKE the pro’s with GREAT camera angles because unless we can SEE what’s going on, it cannot be hot or sexy or much of anything. Good lighting, yes! But fuck on beds and not standing up or outside or hanging upside down.

  3. vonschlomo

    So, Rhyheim already fucked Elijah Zayne on his Onlyfans…a video that was about 90 mins long, wasn’t it? This isn’t just that same video sold to TimTales, anyone know?

    • baz

      Doesn’t look to be one of those familiar areas in that house Rhyheim always films in, so I would say it’s likely to be different.

      God knows we don’t need TimTales going down the porn outsourcing route as well.

    • bo

      Another forum ID’d them as BFs.

  4. OldFatGuy

    Haven’t seen these videos yet but judging by the pictures it looks like the main difference between these videos and his onlyfans videos is that they have way more room to move about than they have in the OF scenes. There’s also more room to use a longer camera lens so everything looks more natural and isn’t as distorted as it is with wide and ultrawide phone camera lenses. Most of Rhyheim’s OF videos are staged in his average sized bedroom, except for the ones staged in a vacation villa with balcony and patio. So his OF scenes don’t have a lot of room to move about and can get crowded when there’s 3 or 4 guys. But the most important part of the OF videos is they mostly take part on the bed so they’re more natural, i.e. guys meeting up for a date and then moving to the bedroom for sex. A plus for some of us is that the OF videos feature more missionary position fucking which is great for those of us who like to focus on the top’s ass flexing while he’s drilling. The OF camera work can be a little erratic trying to capture too much with ever changing views but overall its as good as you’re going to get in an OF scene. It will be interesting to see if these TT scenes capture any hotter sex than the OF.

  5. Andy

    Rhyheim Shabazz his appeal is obviously for white gay men who like the fantasy of having sex with an aggressive black top. Rhyheim is a racial stereotype BUT he is making money from it. He just fucks other men usually white. He rarely sucks cock. He comes across as an animal to be honest not human. No feelings or emotions. He is basically the big N word you can fill in the blank. That’s the role Rhyheim wants to do. It is RACE PLAY even though it isn’t mentioned. Max Konnor does the same thing. He doesn’t do anything for me I just see him as someone who unfortunately feels being a stereotype is important to him.

    • C.A.

      Rhyheim, Is not an aggressive Black Top. He’s a very laid back sensual lover. Rhyheim is not Diesel Washington. He likes to kiss, Rim, take his time and want his partners to have a good time and he does not try to break them in two and be a sexual Thug., Now, Max KKK, Is a streotypical thug whereas he like to be aggresive and almist punish his bottoms. He even goes so far as to let a scene partner call him the N-Word in a video he made for his Fan account.
      Rhyheim, also stands out because he’s done films with people who arent conventional seen as top tier porn models. Models who are Big Beautiful Men, Bears and such. He’s shown his palate ia varied and porn needs more of that.

    • Charles

      Question: Can a black top EXIST without being called a stereotype?

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