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Tyler Saint, James Fox, Thony Grey, Lucas Leon, Pheonix Fellington, Trevo Harris, Jackson Cooper, Derek Shaw, Brock Banks and more

26 thoughts on “Tyler Saint, James Fox, Thony Grey, Lucas Leon, Pheonix Fellington, Trevo Harris, Jackson Cooper, Derek Shaw, Brock Banks and more

  1. What a waste of money to have a picture of ole floppy dick for a whole month. Pierce Paris give it up already.

    DeAngelo Jackson, if Brad Benton couldn’t get anything but “B” rated movies and small roles then you go right ahead and go for it. But, porn stars or ex porn stars don’t make it in real life very far because of their porn pasts.

    Ruslan Angelo the only thing swollen on you is your anal hole, with all the huge cocks you take and all the DAP’s you have done that hole of yours is really swollen.

    Derek Shaw it is great to hear that you are willing to age the way every person is supposed to do. There is nothing wrong with grey hair and age lines. It shows you have lived a good life and you are right we should be thankful for being here as long as we have because some people are not quite as lucky as the ones that have lived a full life. Finally a porn star with some brains and is not afraid to show it.

    1. re Derek Shaw – I think his comments are naive. It’s easy to say that you’ll age naturally when you haven’t started showing signs of ageing yet, he’s a teenager. Perhaps if he made that comment in ten or twenty years, it would hold more weight.

  2. I don’t know if I believe that gay pornstars don’t make it very far in real life. It depends on how much porn they’ve done, and even still… I think the world, the liberal world, has embraced sex workers more than previous generations.

    Pierce Paris is just gross. He was gross, is gross, and will always be gross.

  3. It’s hard for an established porn performer to make it in the mainstream media… that’s the reality we saw it a few years ago with Adam Keith (aka Adam Russo) he retired with great fanfare saying he wouldn’t go back to porn and that he would pursue a career in showbiz and in the end he came back to porn via onlyfans and doing the occasional studio video appearance.

    Regardless of whether it’s a liberal or conservative media it’s fucked up because you have a history, a past that for many is compromising and in the long run will damage your career and many managers, agents etc can’t deal with all that goes with it.

    In relation to the other tweets… it’s ok, same guys doing stupid shit.

    1. What do you mean stupid shit? Nobody is doing anything problematic or messed up, just tweeting and doing them. I really dont see the point of wasting so much energy bitching at these guys when their not doing anything.

  4. Well Its just way to expected to respond to Limp Dick Paris again, so I won’t.
    The entire first 9 tweets here = So what, nobody cares…or who are you again?
    KANE FOXX – Looks so MUCH BETTER when he lets his hair grow. He really is getting to be very handsome.
    Johnny Hill – wow, very very desperate and sad.
    Derek Bolt – uh, yes, yes I can…
    Derek Shaw – Maybe this would carry more weight if you were a lot older than 17 1/2. Be careful kid, you are in the den of snakes now…
    Brock Banks – again with the need to broadcast every moment of an empty life… sad!

  5. I don’t understand the negativity towards DeAngelo Jackson trying to make it in mainstream acting? He’s a handsome guy who has never said anything negative about anyone. Can’t people just be happy for the guy? Gay porn isn’t lucrative for male models. Also DeAngelo Jackson just starting out that is how Hollywood is. You got to build yourself up. Most actors start off with small parts before they win big roles. Just be happy for the guy. I am proud of DeAngelo he realizes gay porn is ephemeral.

    1. There has been a lot of this. Porn “star” trying to make it in the acting world. Landon from Sean Cody tried it. Didn’t the Republican from Sean Cody too? The other fall-back of course is PT and then the attempt, but usually back to porn and they almost always try for straight porn that time and under a new stage name.

      It used to be the way that jobbing actors would do porn to support their income, but it’s a different thing now when they’re just going for the fame and might have had a few doors opened for them, solely for having done porn…or even for having done the casting director.

      Usually though that’s being branded mainstream is something lowbrow, on an obscure channel and will disappear into the ether. David Taylor, that guy with really dark hair and eyebrows from about 20-years ago and load of others did a David DeCoteau series? Does anyone remember that? It’s either porn stars or softcorers…something Cove?

      The guys were their for their bodies though and what they’d been willing to do with them. It was the novelty and that’s pretty unfair to the guys, to think that they’re there for talent that they might or might not have.

  6. 90% of comments are negative. theres something toxic in the gay community where being bitchy is supposed to be what gay is all about. where they learn this from is probably movies or tv shows.. the sassy gay friend, etc. its gross in real life.

    1. Are you new here? Some of THE most bitter toxic queens post vitriol on here. Tons of sex work shaming. On a gay porn blog fss. They’re typically the “regulars”.

      1. You want to instead cheer on what some of these people do or say? Most of the vitriol is directed towards the known messy models or the g4p/bi/pan/fluid models. Everyone else is complemented.

  7. Look, I wish D’Angelo Jackson well, and I really -really- hope it works out for him, and while someof the comments might seem bitchy, I think they are, in many ways, pragmatic. Transitioning over to mainstream is somewhere between difficult to impossible for porn stars, and that much harder when you are a gay porn star. I think the point has been made that individuals who have “made it” mostly did so in “B” or “C” movies.

    And what about the scandals? It was barely a year ago where the guy on ‘Love Island’ was thrown off the show because of the realization he had a porn past (w/Corbin Fisher). Or the other guy, the MMA fighter who was a Sean Cody actor?

    I will say these guys did the entire (tired) trope of “I did it for the money…it was a bad decision…oh, and I’m not gay”. It doesn’t seem like Jackson is doing that – he’s embracing his past up front and his sexuality, so…it blunts the scandal (but likely limits his employability).

    1. Who you talking about with MMA fighter who was Sean Cody actor? What I knew there has two which is Brysen and other one I don’t remember… Is there any beside the two I mention?

      1. Danny from way back in the day, 2007ish, appeared on a reality TV show to find a mixed martial artist. He was outed as having done Sean Cody while he was on the show. I think his scenes were all removed in the massive purge of older content recently.

        1. Danny aka Dakota is still fighting and doing what he always wanted to do. But others like brad Benton for example went to movies and only got little parts. Nothing more. Which is going to happen to deangelo Bc porn stars don’t have luck in the movie world their past haunt them forever. These guys don’t understand that a porn past will hurt your future. Look at randy spears now he is working in a grocery store Bc that’s all he could find Bc his porn past came back n bit him in the ass.

      2. Jimmy Clay used to fight as well. He also went by Jimmy Coxx. He now goes by the name… INMATE.

  8. That South Florida handshake…lots of hotties down in the Orlando and Miami Metro area. But it’s MAGAland, COVID central, High HIV rates. I hate how Florida ruined its image in the last few years because otherwise it would be the gay capital IMO. I mean, it sort of is in some aspects, but then again it’s not.

  9. I rarely see a positive comment here..tyler still looks good….I wish deangelo the best with his mainstream career and wish thony the best with his surgery ruslan looks great as does derek and jackson and lucas

  10. I think a lot of persons who comment so negatively will never really know these men anyway so I just view their bitterness or meanness towards them as entertainment

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