Bo Sinn as the first time bottom

Alex Mecum as the first top for Bo Sinn at Men.

It started with anal beads. Then, the 2 fingers of Alex and finally the cock of Alex inside Bo.

Bo was not hard while he was fucked.

The cum shot of Alex was on Bo’s butt. While, Bo shot his load (just a trickle that I didn’t notice at first) on Alex’s face.

20 thoughts on “Bo Sinn as the first time bottom

  1. Can’t wait!

    Don’t know why some people care about a bottom being hard… erections come, erections go, so if you’re looking for if they’re enjoying it then relying on the erection is a bad indicator of pleasure or enjoyment. Not a judgement, I just look for other signs of pleasure or enjoyment from the bottom and for me a flopping dicks is still a beautiful thing to see.

    1. Because an erection matters. I love it when a guy who usually tops is a bottom if he has a huge cock. Check out Trent King bottoming his massive cock is rock hard. I heard Bottoms say they can be turned on getting fucked being soft. But for the audience to see a man bottom his dick is hard you know he isn’t faking it. I think that’s what men like to see. You want to see the bottom enjoy getting fucked up the ass.

      1. This ^. I love seeing a guy riding a dick reverse cowboy style and being rock hard (e.g., Dakota Lovell). A limp dick don’t do it for me, an erection being an indicator of sexual arousal, after all.

    2. While an erection on a bottom is an added bonus, the lack of one here is just the shitty icing on an overtatted, homophobic, scenery chewing, ugly, overhyped cake.

  2. He talk trash about gay porn and say that he will never do gay porn and now I’ll look at him str8 porn is not paying him more money str8 porn don’t pay they pay male actors that much money

    1. Once they got him out of the MRI machine (I’ve never liked glory hole or other impersonal scenarios; I like two guys who are mad into each other, looking at each other), it was kind of hot. When Bo was looking at the cameraman in the last part, though, man, I’m no oil painting, but he looked rough.

  3. If Alex Mecum can do it with Bo, he can do it with everyone. PS :” Money makes the world go around…with that clinking, clanhing sound…”

  4. I think Bo Sinn is sexy he has a massive cock. Bo obviously been fucked up the ass before. But I hope if he bottoms again the top is a Black guy. No offense to Alex Mecum but his dick is average and he is better as a bottom. It is odd Trent King wasn’t chosen or Jason Vario. Vario actually tweeted something interesting on twitter account. Like I said before a missed opportunity to hype up Bo Sinn first time bottoming on camera to have Alex Mecum is a bit underwhelming as the top. Next time get a black guy to fuck Bo Sinn

    1. I’d never call Alex Mecum’s cock average; to me, he has a big dick. He wouldn’t have been my pick as the top, though. Someone here thought it might be Gabriel Clark, and I could’ve gotten into that.

  5. Bo got fucked by a trans before. There’s few videos of him sucking her cock from years ago lol

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