Then & now on Matt Thurman & Jonas Miller

A photo session of Matt Thurman and Jonas Miller was released today by Belami Online.

Matt was introduced in 2018 by Belami Online where he did a solo in 2015 as Martin Hovor (aka Raymond Hamilton) at William Higgins and he got bigger in his scenes with guys from 2017 to 2018.

While, Jonas Miller was introduced this year by Belami Online where he did a solo in 2014 as Hugo Antonin (aka Florian Mraz) at William Higgins and now has tattoos on his upper body with his scenes this year.

3 thoughts on “Then & now on Matt Thurman & Jonas Miller

  1. It really is a shame. All of those perfect bodies and faces over at BelAmi going to waste.
    EVERY picture set or video is the exact same. The perfect looking guys clown around, act all “gee whiz, look at me being silly” then a few weak kisses, then the ROBOTIC sex, then done.
    Can you imagine how hot the videos would be if they allowed a little 5 o’clock shadow, or scruff of the face? Or, show the guys seducing each other, letting them party together showing them drinking and smoking and ripping the blue jeans off. And let them speak during sex.
    I am sorry, this generic bullshit is just lost on me and what a waste of hot men.

  2. Jonas/Hugo/Florian is one of the few Europorn models I enjoy across the board in anything he does.

    He’s the only reason I’d watch anything BelAmi, for sure.

  3. Both of these guys are over the top when it comes to sex–do everything, eat cum. I’d bet on Jonas/Hugo/Florian being the bi or gay one.

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