Troy Gabriel, Mario Cazzo, Ty, Mike Roberts, Francois Sagat, Colton Ford & RC Ryan (June to July 2008)

The first guy to suck the cock of Troy Gabriel before he was known as Seth Gamble was Tommy Defendi at College Dudes.

It was also at College Dudes that Tommy Defendi bottomed for the first time with Shane Erickson as his top.

Freshman of the Year was Mario Cazzo, who was known as Phoenix at Next Door Studios.

Ty, who worked for Chaos Men in 2009 as Mica, was introduced at Frat Men.

Mike Roberts was fucked for the first time with Jake Cruise as his top.

Indecent Proposal from Falcon Studios International was released with models mostly from Belami Online.

A photo shoot of Francois Sagat that included kissing a girl.

Colton Ford for Tug of War

RC Ryan was fucked for the first time with Jason Hawke as his top at Cocky Boys.

19 thoughts on “Troy Gabriel, Mario Cazzo, Ty, Mike Roberts, Francois Sagat, Colton Ford & RC Ryan (June to July 2008)

  1. I was a big fan of Colton Ford (although that awful “Naked Fame” doc didn’t do him any favors) when he was doing porn. Chi Chi LaRue fucked up every scene he was in, though. You’ve got Billy Herrington fucking Colton Ford and he (CCL) cuts away to Jay Ross; you’ve got Colton getting fucked by Chris Steele and Chi Chi the hack cuts away to Jake Marshall. Once he got more than two people in a scene, Chi Chi couldn’t help but screw it up.

    (Sorry for the rant; as I say, I was a big fan of Colton’s, and every time a scene was about to heat up, it, to me, was ruined.) I used to see Colton Ford around NYC; he was doing personal training at the time. A hot man.

    I like older guys (and thankfully there are a bunch doing porn right now), but Jake Cruise always creeped me out.

      1. In part 2 of Aftershock, a Mustang title that CCL directed. There’s a big orgy scene filmed on like a tic-tac-toe grid of cubes, with a guy in each box. Jake Marshall and Colton Ford at one point are lying head to head while getting fucked missionary-style by Matthew Rush and Chris Steele, respectively. The part with Colton getting fucked is, once again, very short, maybe a few seconds, because the camera moves to and focuses on Matthew Rush and Jake Marshall.

        In part 1, Colton is fucked missionary-style by Peter Raeg for about 45 seconds, then for about 5 seconds by Addison Scott.

        I always liked seeing Colton Ford bottom, but the few films he did were mostly directed by Chi Chi LaRue, and for some reason the scenes where he got fucked were fleeting, or the camera cut away to some C-lister. There’s a Jocks movie called Head Games, and in a four-way Colton sits on the faces of three guys, getting rimmed. That was hot, but he doesn’t get fucked in that. (Although his hole gets fingered for his cum shot, which usually how he got off.)

        1. You should check out Bringing Out Brother where he gets fucked by Alex LeMonde & Aaron Tanner. One of my favorite scenes of Colton.

          1. That is a good Colton Ford movie. Great views of his hole, and Aaron Tanner rimming Colton and Alex is good. (While Colton gets fucked by Alex LeMonde, he doesn’t get fucked by Arron Tanner; he does top AT, though, as he asks Alex to come back and fuck him some more). Once again it drove me nuts because as Alex started to fuck an enthusiastic Colton, the camera cuts away to Aaron Tanner (I don’t like to be unkind, but a kind of nothing pornstar) riding a dildo. Chi Chi LaRue, apart from an ability to shoot rimming, was/is a hack who ruined every scene in which he filmed Colton Ford.

        2. His cum shot in that orgy is one for the hall of fame and memory books. It’s streaming on Naked Sword if you wanna catch it. Colton Ford and his big exagerrated, Buzz Lightyear chin and sexy hairy body….he was my JAM back in the day.

    1. Completely agree. Love older guys. Cole Connor is my current fav. Colton Ford was, and still is, sexy as hell. In every Colton scene, he was the adonis and every other actor was insignificant filler… Billy Herrington notwithstanding. I met Glenn (Colton) right before his Naked Fame documentary (ugh) and he was super sweet and carried on a good conversation. I remember he smelled amazing. For years I’d see him all over Chelsea, he’d smile and say hi. It’s times like those when I wish I were an unmarried slut.

      Jake Cruise is not suited for porn and should remain “back of house” in any video.

      1. Mike Roberts was a handsome guy with a beautiful physique, although pretty much a dud as a performer. Still, he earned every penny of however much Jake Cruise paid him to let him fuck him.

        1. I have been one of Mike Roberts most avid fans forever, Interesting fact and unfortunately I cant site the sources w/out doing a bunch of research (again) but there was a a site a couple or few years, I believe a site, that featured feet pictures and there was a post specific to Mike Roberts if I remember correctly. Anyways when u scrolled to the comments section a lady, best my recollection to be accurate, claiming to be a former GF of Mike in real life and she stated in her post that he had passed away of drug overdose. Stunned and a little sad I frantically researched and finally found on FB Mikes real FB page admitted there had been a rumor he passed away but it was false. He was a live and well and ai think something about being drug free if I remember correctly. It was quite a fiasco but I think he is alive tho I am not 100% sure that is really the case. Someone else replied to his former GF comment on that blogsite that his FB page stated he was alive and best of my recollection she never replied to that comment. So i dont know if he is actually alive and I hope he is but ai can say for 100% sure I loved this man, one of hottest porn crushes ever.

    2. I saw both Billy Herrington and Colton Ford dancing in NYC back in those days, and they were both so amazing, and so genuinely nice. Billy in particular was so genuinely nice. So sad that he passed away so young. As for CCL, her only saving grace is that she gave us Jason Phoenix…

      1. I saw Colton (Glenn) at Murray’s Bagels on 8th once and so wanted to speak to him; he was right beside me at the register. But you’re not supposed to do that, plus it would’ve been uncomfortable for him, maybe. Blake Harper had two of my favorite pornstars as bfs; I was partial to Jason Branch…

        I don’t think I ever saw Colton Ford at David Barton, but I lost count of how many pornstars I saw there.

        I will give Chi Chi LaRue credit for being one of the only directors who knew how to shoot rimming. But give him a group scene and he (and pretty much everyone else directing gay porn, including John Rutherford) would fuck it up. Andrew Addams, who did more scenes in front of the camera than behind it, shot a really good group scene in a fraternity movie with…I think Jason Crew. Trick is to keep everyone (but not too many people) in the same shot, idk.

    3. It’s always the men who go out of their way to hate on Jake Cruise who either currently look like him or will look like him in time. I, for one, love a thick older man.

  2. Boy these blasts from the past makes me realize that years ago, I took Randy Blue for granted. There have been some hot and long lasting guys who have come from the studio. What happened to them? Mike and RC were stables in the earlier years on the site. Not for sure if their look back then would be a pillar in todays gay porn standards but in the early 2000s… it was the thing.

    I guess being an older or bigger creepy guy with money moves well in the gay adult industry. Jake Cruise is the grandpa of this wave of these guys. Now we’ve got Beefcake Hunter, Casting Room, strange ass Maverick Men and the guy who went to prison for tricking the str8 guys.

    Why are we still talking about Francois Sagat? Even if it is a blast form the past with his lame fake gay ass. That YouTube vid should’ve been a warning about him and oh so curious about str8 sex “artwork” Colton Ford. They’re full of shit.

    1. “I guess being an older or bigger creepy guy with money moves well in the gay adult industry.” There was also Dink Flamingo who started Active Duty, right? I’m not sure I ever saw a full shot of him, but in my memory, he looked like Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons.

      A 2006 L.A. Times story says it was seven paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg who were charged by the Army for doing scenes for Active Duty; at least two went to prison. Dink Flamingo sold the site in 2014, per Wiki.

  3. Hello-

    its fascinating how many of the top male models currently in str8 porn started out in gay porn. Lucas Knight
    being a recent example.

    1. Makes sense. Lucas Knight was very attractive but could NEVER stay hard. IF he was getting fucked, he could sort of get it up… Maybe he was just going thru the motions with guys..

      1. In straight porn he doesn’t get very hard either, I think it’s his physiology. His explosive cumshots are the same though so I think he is at least bi

  4. The scene with JC getting fucked by Jason Hawke was a dud. I was really looking forward to seeing JC get fucked in a hot steamy scene. Unfortunately it was not.

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