37 thoughts on “The next top to bottom is Bo Sinn

    1. As am I! In one of his previously ass play scene, he really worked that juicy hot hole of his and takes fingers and dildo with ease and no hesitation. I predict he’ll bring the same energetic performance to his bottoming debut, hopefully with Manuel Skye who is almost equally equipped as Bo is.

    1. Porn is fantasy not real life. As long as Bo Sinn performs well on camera who gives a shit about what he says.Bo has said shit yet the dude clearly likes dick. We have seen him suck dick he is good at if. Plenty of models have said dumb shit. Bo Sinn is a masculine guy with a massive cock. I watch gay porn to get off. Not everyone likes the clean shaven look. Did you know Bo Sinn is six foot three! He is a big man underneath the tattoos is a sexy guy. I admit I think he over did it with tattoos. This reminds me of Mark Long he was a white masculine guy who never bottomed until he did.

      1. I ran across a Bo Sinn clip just yesterday, the solo one where he plays with his hole with a white vibrator and was thinking, I wonder when he will take dick for real; you know it’s coming. I wonder if it might be James Fox who tops him; they’ve done two scenes together and seem to have some chemistry, or at least as much as you can tell in a Bo Sinn video.

        I’ll admit, it turns me on when former total tops like Mark Long roll over, and then the ones who really get into it. I posted the other day about Aspen and William Seed now loving to get fucked. And Jax Thirio. Such a hottie and now he bottoms all over the place; takes all the dicks in a NDS Halloween video. Love it. Maybe Bo will turn out to be like that.

  1. I really hope the top is Trent King! Trent is Canadian he hsd done three scenes with Bo Sinn already! And Bo sucked Trent cock. I would love to see Trent big black cock in Bo Sinn tight white ass.

    1. My guess is that big muscular Mr. Seed will be given the strenuous task of taking the Sinn man to pound town.

  2. Men.com, stop trying to make ‘Bon Sinn’ happen, it’s NOT going to happen!

  3. This guy is so gross. I don’t understand why he is still getting filmed by this studio. Probably it’s me who has poor taste….

  4. I mean, I get it, this cockroach gets pushed because the gays are desperate and also his perceived masculinity, to me he’s just another unwashed twat like many others in this industry.

  5. I think the ink is horrible, especially the face tattoos, but he’s definitely cultivated a look and vibe. Without all that, if he didn’t have any ink and had, say, a buzz cut, he’d be…not much to look at it. But I just thought of Chad Hunt; if you a huge cock and can use it, the rest kind of doesn’t matter.

  6. Bo Sinn is the visual depiction of a life of bad choices. To find him attractive, you’d have to be accustomed to having sex with mangled roadkill.

  7. I’d really love it to be Collin Simpson fucking him. Not because I’d particularly want to see it myself, but just because watching the usual cavalcade of clowns on the comment section here lose their shit would be unbelievably funny. Sadly, it’s unlikely but I can hope.

  8. Hello-

    i must be one of the few gay guys who is turned off by the use of any form of sex toys in gay porn.

  9. My guess? Ryan Bones. Though Trent King would be interesting. I saw the OF where King topped William Seed. Hot, but could have been filmed better.

    Because they are Canadian, could be Seed, Markus Kage or my favorite, Gabriel Clark. I’d prefer to see Gabriel or William on the receiving end of Bo.

    On his Twitter, Gabriel did say he just filmed something big though, come to think of it. Could be Gabriel

    1. Ryan Bones have you seen him lately he is overweight. I know not PC to say but Ryan is a turn off. I get it the gyms in Montreal closed due to pandemic. But they are now open. Manuel Syke and William Seed from Montreal they managed to stay in shape. Ryan excessive weight is a distraction and a turn off.

      1. For quite a while, he’s been performing scenes with his shirt on, with his trousers on…I don’t care if he’s overweight, but it’s silly to use him and keep his clothes on.

    2. LOVE Gabriel Clark. Always a good performer. Chill vibe, very smiley, always seems to be having a great time. Loves to eat cum. Wish he bottomed more. If it’s him topping Bo Sinn I wouldn’t be mad about it. Or yeah, a flip fuck would be good.

  10. Jeez some judgmental queens here. People forget the man was a professional snowboarder. He’s not just ink and a big dick. He has talent. Feelings. Family. If he’s not your cup of tea, fine. But don’t look down on the men (and women) out there that have a fetish for inked up bad boys. I think he’s hot. I also know where to draw the line. I would never bring Bo Sinn home to meet mom, but a one night stand? Hell yes! I look forward to this scene.

    1. I think Bo Sinn is hot as well but I do wish he removed the face tattoos. He is such a handsome guy under the ink. He is tall has a massive dick for a white guy. I think if he removed the face tattoos he probably get more respect. I like this masculine look. But I always suspected Bo Sinn is bisexual nor straight. This dude has taken cock up his ass before. He sucks cock well too.

  11. Is it me or does Bo have that Romeo Davis effect?! Almost like he’s sticky to touch 24/7. Like that little bit of residue that’s left after eating something sticky like honey or syrup but there’s nothing sweet about their ordeals. This stickiness is from ball sweat, unwashed secretions and natural hair oil sweat.

    Just can’t seem to put my finger on it and don’t think I really want to TBH.

  12. This guy is ugly AF. Probably the ugliest in all porn. Not even his huge dick can make up for so much ugliness.

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