9 thoughts on “David Skylar & Roman Todd

  1. Isn’t David Skyler the one who had a hissy fit because he, as a straight man, wasn’t lauded for doing gay porn? When I saw his twitter comment, I was like, bruh, you want a cookie for that or something? WIll never watch anything with him in it from now on.

    1. The dude is another nutcase, he only did gay porn as revenge for his ex wife not letting him see his son or something.

  2. An over hyped married to a female porn boy engaging with an over ego and self righteous, wants the gays to kiss his ass porn boy. Not my fantasy whatsoever and this pairing is an absolute no for me. I’m going with NOT 100%

  3. A straight top who’s desperate for approval from gay men, matched-up with a massively overexposed mediocre looking bottom. Merry fucking Christmas

    1. Yes to the former, but while he’s overexposed, I don’t know that I live in a world where a guy can look like Roman Todd and be “mediocre.”

      1. Also yes to the former, but (I posted something similar the other day), Roman Todd is a smokeshow. He just gets better looking as he gets older, and his physique is perfection; I think he’s really handsome.

  4. Roman is a sexy man..looking lean and hungry…I will never watch anything with his scene partner…since he is str8…and cannot keep hard in gay porn…he should make more straight porn

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