1. andrew

    This hungry bottom is jealous of the Fox and Paul Canon cause they got fucked by the Finn man. The handsome lean muscular sexy Finn Harding is my current gay porn fantasy crush.

  2. bo

    Paul is disappointing in his return.

  3. Yodek

    Paul Canon is so unattractive. Ugly face, not fit, not hung. All around a hideous performer yet studios love shoving him down our throats

    • Fathom

      Taste is subjective, and I know it takes all kinds, but I never saw one thing remotely appealing about Paul Canon.

  4. Pavel Ford

    I do not get it… IF Paul knew he was coming back to the world of porn, why did he come back looking as fat and bloated as Whitney Houston’s liver ? My God, this guy is FAT, his hair is jacked up. Who in their right mind would spend 5 cents on this “porn”?
    Poor Felix. He has to perform with these 2 dud’s…

    • gaucho trucho

      What did poor Felix Fox do to deserve to have to put up with fat ugly obnoxiously annoying Paul Cannon and GFP Finn Harding? What did we do to deserve to have Cannon return to gay porn? Haven’t we been through enough with Trump, a pandemic and bunch of other s**t?

      • andrew

        What a ridiculous comparison!!!

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