Devy, Thyle Knoxx, Tony D’Angelo, Cole Connor & Drew Valentino

First Time Bottom

Devy, who first had cameo roles at Men after filming for Sean Cody as the top, had his first scene released last week as the top to Kyle Connors. Men will follow it up this coming Monday with his first top in Finn Harding.

Done With Studio Porn Indefinitely

Thyle Knoxx, known for his work at Bromo, Men & Say Uncle, has not filmed for any studio for months now. He is done for the moment but he is still active with his fan site and live cam shows.

With A Trans Man

Tony D’Angelo with his first scene at Bromo that had him fuck Tommy Tanner.

Men vs Bromo

Mugged And Beaten

Cole Connor was attacked by a group of guys who stole from him.

Latest Exclusive

Drew Valentino, who lost to Carter Smith in a poll, is the latest exclusive model of the Falcon Studios Group. He has an upcoming scene at Hot House with Michael Boston. And, some of his homemade scenes have been released by Top Fan Vids.


  1. andrew

    Devy’s scene wrestling and manhandling the powerfully built ginger man Kyle Connors was hot. I’m anxious to see his scene bottoming for the sexy top man Finn Harding.

  2. Sure jan

    Yeah sneak in str8 pussy porn while posting about a gay man getting beaten.

    • Gay Latino

      If no Gay Sex is happening don’t post it. FTM porn is not Gay, ain’t here for Vag, sorry

    • Nidaye

      Getting beaten by who?

  3. Roady SF

    Devy is hot tho I’d rather see a flip scene with Finn than a pure Devy bottom.

  4. Cherrystick

    Honestly forgot about Thyle after his Why Not Bi scene and him screwing that female. Afterwards he was completely off my radar. So bye Thyle.

    Damn shame when you can’t just walk down the street anymore without being attacked, beaten and robbed. Hope Connor has a quick and speedy recovery and I hope those jackasses are dealt with properly.

    Echoing the words of many here… I’m not an FTM porn fanatic. I like my gay porn pussy free. Before they try to throw the book at us… disliking FTM porn isn’t being transphobic and gay men need to stop feeling as if they’re committing a crime if they feel the same way.

  5. Huron132

    Devy is so adorable! Plus him pounding out Kyle is so damn hot. Love both of these guys!

    Thyle is so cute and it will be sad not to see him. I hope he stays happy.

    The FTM thing is more than I can handle. I have so many questions, but I know I would get clobbered if I asked or say anything. I just know, like art I like what I like and it’s too much for me.

    As for Cole I hope he heals and can feel better soon. It is shameful that in this day and age people are so monsterous to do these things. To hurt another human like that is awful.

    Drew is amazingly beautiful, that first full pic he really has features of Tommy Defindi. It’s kind of scary. He’s a compact Tommy! ?????

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