From Hot Guys Fuck to The Guy Site to Sean Cody for Mateo (or Matteo) Jerez

He first had 2 str8 scenes in 2019 at Hot Guys Fuck as Mateo Jerez, who tied in first place with Zane Walker as your favorite model of the week 4 weeks ago.

Then, he was introduced at The Guy Site as Mateo (but signed the photo as Matteo Jerez) where he had a scene as the top (Tony Romero) & as the bottom (Knox).

This coming Monday he will be introduced by Sean Cody as Matteo.

Bodybuilding hunk Matteo tells you a little bit about himself and shows off his impressive physique. Even more than his massive arms and cut chest, Matteo's got a huge muscle hiding under his clothes. "I'm excited to show you guys my very huge dick. Very thick, very wide, just like me." Matteo is a total top, but he says he absolutely loves to get rimmed, and he strips down and plays with his bulge inside his briefs before taking out that 8 1/2" cock for you to admire! Matteo likes dirty talking as he strokes himself, and moans, "You ready for that load, baby?" as he cums.


  1. Cris

    Such a garbage performer.

  2. simp

    Well, I thought moving to Sean Cody means getting him properly fucked but it looks unlikely from that write-up. The bottoming scene he did at The Guy Site seemed so fake with minimal penetration involved, while his topping scene was an utmost failure with him needing to hold his dick.

    • Res1

      Tbh fair, he couldn’t get out in his straight scenes either. He’s probably another Hagan from Chaosmen—limp guy or girl.

    • Res1

      Thb, he couldn’t get it UP in any of his straight scenes. He’s probably another Hagan— limp noodle boy or girl.

  3. andrew

    Of course 95 different people down voted this posting. LOL.

  4. Res1

    His eyebrows annoy me.

    Problematic: Guys who are straight but seem gay annoy me. My brain has a hard time processing it.

  5. Res1

    He claims to be 21 at Sean Cody, but HotGuys had him at 22 in 2019. He looks between 28- 32. Will we ever know the truth?

  6. Gregory

    They just put out a trailer for his first duo scene at Sean cody and had aged quite a bit in the face since his HGF scene. The trailer itself looks like more of the same. Though it is bareback he seems to maintain more of an erection from what was shown. Which he does have a nice dick and body. But he has zero stroke game. He should bottom more he seems much more relaxed in that position. Now having seen him perform in various scenarios.

    • bo

      The scene is now posted and the only good thing about it is that reliable cum eater ginger Brogan (aka Brogan NYC) needed to taste Mateo’s load so he did, casually, and that’s all that’s worthy about it–along with Brogan, of course.

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