Declan Blake, Aiden Ward, Roman Todd, Dean Dallas & Finn Harper (aka Calvin Steel & Igor Uran)


Declan Blake & Aiden Ward had a homemade fisting scene in two parts released by Raw Fuck Club 6 months ago. And, the two had another one [gallery] released by Fisting Inferno this month.

Back To Back To Back As The Top

Roman Todd had a scene released last Monday by Men that had him top Dean Dallas (with eyeglass). The two must have filmed for their fan site at the hotel provided by Men since Next Door Studios released their homemade scene [gallery] on Tuesday with Dallas (no eyeglass) also as the bottom.

If you can’t get enough of Roman Todd as the top, he had a scene released yesterday with Lola Morena by Trans Angels.

Used Different Names As The Top To Simon Best

Calvin Steel had a scene as the top to Simon Best released 4 days ago by Helix Studios. Calvin as Igor Uran also fucked Simon at William Higgins (July 2021) and at Jawked (November 2021) as Finn Harper.


  1. McM.

    East-euro porn is never a good sign on an US based site.

  2. Ron

    I want more Declan Blake & Aiden Ward!!!

  3. Reg

    Does anyone else remember when fisting used to just be a fetish? Now it seems like it’s everywhere and maybe it’s just me, but I find it an incredible turn-off.

    It’s not sexy and I don’t believe either guy really understands the risks, delicacies and training necessary for it.

    • E

      FF is obviously not for everyone. It’s an incredibly sensual experience somewhat on the lines of taking a really big dick. It does involve a degree of trust between partners and should not be rushed into. It doesn’t happen overnight. Declan and Aiden know exactly what they are doing.

      • Ian

        I hope so, because I can never unsee the rosebud that linked to.

    • Fathom

      “Does anyone else remember when fisting used to just be a fetish?”

      I’ve had that thought about taking two dicks at the same time. In the first Powertool movie (1986) Gary Owen sits on Tom Mitchell and Tony Marino’s cocks at the same time in a shower scene. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I ever saw that, and for a long time, the only time.

      Now it seems like everybody and his brother takes two dicks simultaneously. I don’t have a beef with it; it just makes me wonder how very young guys get to that point so early.

      As for fisting, I don’t have a horse in that race either; I’m really thinking more about rosebuds here. But the pornstar formerly known as RJ Danvers (now HungerFF) can push out what seems like his entire colon. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I do think your internal organs are supposed to stay inside the body and that’s probably not good for you.

      • Reg

        Dirk Caber and Johnny Rapid (no surprise there) have taken three dicks at a time. It was so totally…just odd to watch and incredibly awkward for them.

        • Fathom

          I remember that Dirk Caber scene where he gets triple-fucked by his three stepsons; Johnny Rapid was one of the three tops. It was…tepid; I don’t remember it being very effective bc Johnny’s dick is not big. But I can’t recall one scene JR was in that I ever liked; he was completely uninteresting to me.

          I never thought I’d say this, but on his own site, he’s had some pretty hot scenes. One with Tom Bentley and Mason Lear comes to mind; Johnny gets double-fucked by them and, as opposed to his dozens of scenes at Men, seems into it.

          I don’t know the company, but I think it was Eastern European guys, but a scene where a young thin guys takes three huge cocks at once; I’ve seen it a few times and that guy has some skills.

  4. bo

    For a guy who claimed to be str8 on Higgins erotic solo, Simon Best is sure getting around swallowing a lot of Euro loads–anyone have any idea if he lied on Higgins? (to protect himself, so to speak)

    • draziL

      I don’t think he lied. He like a lot of the European models, may identify as straight and views sex with guys as an ends to a mean. There have definitely been parts of scenes were he starts to smile so the feeling cant be awful. I also think that WH has the guys that may be more bi or gay leaning that appear more “masculine” to say they are straight to feed into the antiquated str8 turned gay or str8 “forced” into gay sex.

    • sammy1023

      Always been a fan of Simon Best. I think he’s underutilized, I think if they let him get his freak on and out he’d sizzle a lot more than he does on screen.

  5. Andy

    Fisting is so dangerous and gross! Your hands not meant to go up the ass. These men just asking for health problems when they get older.

  6. andrew

    Fisting is gross and it damages the sphincter muscles.

  7. Huron132

    First off Roman is still on fire! The man has done no wrong lately. He gets better and he gets better looking!

    The fisting this is frightening to me. I know that there are alot of people who are really in to it. So I’m not bad mouthing it. It just makes no sense to me. I can’t understand the the sensation and erotism of it. Plus when I see porn performers who I like doing it makes me think twice. Again it’s me and I am sure that others are happy with it!

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