JC, Liam, Andy McBride, Caleb Mills & Felix Fox

Real Life Lovers

JC & Liam with their solos & their pair-up this week at Sean Cody.

Who better to pair real-life couple JC and Liam with for their first scene than each other?

Bisexual To Gay

From their first scene at Bi Guys Fuck to Gay Hoopla for Andy McBride & Caleb Mills with Andy as the bottom.

Loves To Bottom

Felix Fox with his 2nd time as the bottom to Dante Colle at Men and as the bottom to Brandon Anderson at Next Door Studios.

5 thoughts on “JC, Liam, Andy McBride, Caleb Mills & Felix Fox

  1. The ripped muscular Fox is always in estrus and that gives lucky guys like beautiful Brandon and sexy Dante the chance to breed him. When the breeding session is over the Fox probably says Thanks and then says Next. Get it Felix.

  2. Disgusting….. WHAT IN THE HELL is all over Andy McBrides cock? It looks like it was the victim of a hate crime. Bruised and looking like its got swamp funk on it is NOT a Good Look !
    Felix Fox……. I cannot believe how excited I was when he first hit the scene. I also cannot believe just how fast I got tired of Felix and his fake as fuck face expressions during sex.
    Sorry Felix, I am too done with you……

  3. There can be no doubt Dante and Felix were busy last year. Looking at the iafd I noticed that Felix averaged one scene every week, sometimes two if we were able to track down all of his scenes on OF, JFF etc. At least Felix’s hole seems to be holding up since it still looked good in his latest scene. Dante had something like 140 scenes last year of all types, gay straight bi trans, sometimes even having a gay and straight scene released the same day. But hey, this business has a short shelf life so they have to be commended on making as much as they can while it lasts.

  4. It does surprise me how little chemistry there is between couples in porn. Sean Cody has hired a few in their time and the models always look more into sex with others than their partners. Maybe it’s awkward for them in front of a camera and crew and homemade sex tapes would be hotter, maybe their marriages aren’t as open as they thought, or maybe their personal sex lives have just petered out, which why they’re doing porn and putting on better shows with other guys. It’s more exciting for them and they can justify it, because it’s “work” not play.

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