Jean-Daniel Chagall, Dylan, Jonathan Agassi, Lucas, Dean Phoenix, Devin Draz, Kellan, Dru & Jon Saunders (August 2009 – REPOSTED)

Reason For The Repost

Jean Daniel Chagall was introduced by Belami Online but his first photo shoot on the site was dated 5/31/2010. The site is known to remove scenes from the past.

William Higgins has also removed scenes prior to 2010 when they re-designed the site last year. So, the scene with the return of Danek (aka Tom Novy) at William Higgins is not available on the site.


Cutter of Frat Men was introduced a week after Randy Blue introduced him as Robbie Madden.

Dylan of Corbin Fisher was introduced by Randy Blue as Brett Swanson [movies].

Devin Draz aka Danny Drake [movies] of Randy Blue was introduced as Spence at Amateur Straight Guys. If it was to be believed, he had a scene with his wife at SG4GE.

Devin is one of the many porn stars with arrest records.

Cody Blackford of Randy Blue was introduced who we all know as Kellan (2013) of Corbin Fisher.

Tex of Chaos Men was now Tex Gemmell [movies] then Tex Ryder at Next Door Studios.

Dakota of Sean Cody was now Dru of Corbin Fisher.

Jonathan Agassi was introduced as an exclusive and only had scenes released by Lucas Entertainment till 2014.

Lucas of Corbin Fisher is now on his 5th year on the site.

Lucas had quite the task ahead of him when he recently returned to film some more hot action with us after being away for a little while - taking on Bryan's big dick!

The 2nd time (after 5 years) for Dean Phoenix [movies] as the bottom with Hayden Stephens aka Seth Sweets [movies] as his top was released. His return in 2016 for sites like Next Door Studios only had him as the top.

Kevin Wood aka Jason Crystal, who was in demand at that time, claimed that he earned $50,000 in his 3 months of work in gay porn.

Scene (not on the site anymore) description of Harley with Matt at Sean Cody.

Harley has been busy working on his "conventional" modeling career and, believe it or not, he's been trying to break into the music world as well. Plus he's itching to do straight porn and make it big there.

Jon Saunders of English Lads was introduced – solo after solo with different names even when he filmed for Men in 2014.

3 thoughts on “Jean-Daniel Chagall, Dylan, Jonathan Agassi, Lucas, Dean Phoenix, Devin Draz, Kellan, Dru & Jon Saunders (August 2009 – REPOSTED)

  1. Lucas-Kellan-Dru: three handsome CF hotties. Kellan and Dru were great performers, but nobody ever did it better than sex-on-two-legs LUCAS.

  2. Tex Gemmell still makes me a little weak in the knees. Great ass and great passion for getting fucked. His best scene is with Hayden Russo.

  3. Too bad that Harley’s (aka Simon Dexter) dream of becoming a straight pornstar and a musician didn’t come true. Now he’s a middle-aged man (nothing wrong with that) on OF (like everyone else) making solo content with a couple of straight clips and a few (just a few) gay ones. He has aged.. but decently….He looks crazy (Patrick Bateman crazy) but I always thought he had a death stare like an eagle.

    That’s one of my favorite Harley scenes btw. His cock was so hard in the position. I’ve noticed men tend to have rock hard boners when they’re in that position in gay porn. It is because the penis is going straight up against the prostate or because they get off on watching their cocks flop?

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