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19 thoughts on “Kane Fox, Felix Fox, Derek Bolt, Trent Marx, Trevor Harris, Cliff Jensen, Dalton Riley, Greyson Lane, Pierce Paris, Daniel Montoya, Craig Marks, Gabriel Cross …

  1. It’s been a total of 0 days since non-gay men like Roman Todd and Pierce Paris said some dumb and selfish shit about gay men / stuff. It-s exhausting sometimes, isn’t it?

  2. “Wesley Woods 100% gay”
    Why this homophobic retarded prick still spread this nonsense?

    Donte Thick already exposed Wesley Woods as not gay (he fucks women off screen).
    Also, there are a french interview which Wesley Woods said that he was dating the female whore Sylvia Paige.

  3. First of all, if a gay(straight for pay) man wants to do mainstream heterosexual porn, he is going to be subject to the same tests as everyone else. If he is clean and can perform why not let him? It has nothing to do with hiv but everything to do with the anti-gay sentiment that is common among the autogynaphiles and gamps that have taken over the industry. Take a look at only fans for instance. Brian Bonds is HIV positive but films bb scenes with women but because he pan/ bi that makes it ok?

    1. “Straight for pay” and “gay for pay” are both concept made up by bisexual fetishists, especially “straight for pay”, it’s all fetish.

      1. It’s a stupid thing to ask anyway. Straight for pay isn’t commonplace for a reason…. Pierce is just trying to justify his bullshit.

    1. Derek Bolt interact and flirt a lot with the autoandrophilic female whore Luke Hudson, I wonder if he gave up on him for pussy at the time.
      100% sure that Derek fucked/fuck her off screen.

      1. Let’s be honest here, if Derek Bolt really fucked her he would be plastering the scene on every social media there is in order to virtue signal about how much of an “good trans ally” he is.

        He’s one of those TRAs, you know, the ones which piss and moan about people not wanting to fuck MtFs/FtMs while not doing it themselves.

        Whatever this is good or bad I’ll let you decide.

        1. I agree partly with you, but there are a porn whore called Eric Charming (who call himself “gay” eyerolls) who fucked a less known autoandrophilic female and he said nothing about that but she promoted the scene unlike him.

          Let’s not forget that there are whores who fuck these females off screen and say absolutely nothing, Brent Corrigan is another example.

          I think it’s bad, I wish more porn whores was more honest, but sadly honesty is a thing that really don’t mix with “gay” porn performers.

        2. They don’t always advertise it. Michael Boston fucked an FTM on his onlyfans and never promoted it on his social media but the FTM did. They’re sneaky.

          1. Michael Boston isn’t obnoxious about TRA stuff like Derek Bolt is though, so there’s that to consider.

            This dead silence coming from the “gay” performers who do scenes with FtMs is very telling though.

            They’re either:

            a) Trying to have their cake and eat it too: fucking with these FtMs to gain asspats from the TRAs while not overtly promoting the scenes so not to alienate their core gay audience.

            b) Being pressured into doing this shit behind the scenes, probaby by some big figurehead in the industry or their own peers.

            d) Closeted bisexuals who identify as gay to cash in on parasocial relationships with the poor souls who resonates with them.

            c) Sex addicts.

            Time will tell us which one is the case.

            1. Michael Boston likes Trans women too, which means there is a 99% chance he’s into ‘cis women’. It’s safe to say he’s bisexual or just a plain old sex addict. I lean toward sex/porn addict tbh.

            2. Yeah because Michael Boston never did advertise his trans porn scene on his social media accounts. Not once. Nor did Noahwaybabes. It’s almost like he wanted that to be hidden beyond the depths. It’s when his subs saw it on his OF and exposed him. His ass isn’t saying anything about it too.

              1. I stand corrected. Recently they dragged his ass out on Twitter and he was forced to address matters but his twin brother chimed in on things. Funny though, Noah didn’t say shit to his defense. Michael still said he’s gay even though he fucks vagina. I’ll let you be the judge.

                1. He’s lying like a dog. He’s into both MTF and FTM AND vag. He ain’t gay. He’s saying what he thinks his audience wants to hear. He already tried to be manipulative and deceptive by trying to bury that FTM scene. Don’t trust a word he says.

  4. Newsflash, Pierce. Gay men DO NOT film straight porn. Why would a gay man film a straight pornif he isn’t straight? That’s like making a video with a dog but saying you’re not into beast porn. “Oh, I just needed the money.” There’s a million ways to make money in this day and age and keep your dignity, so save the lies. Then to compare it to acting,which they often do is a job, you’re acting when you read the lines, you’re doing something totally different when you have your meat between a man’s ass cheeks.

    As for Roman Todd. Roman who cares? Most of the people who support you–I don’t– already know you have a wife and children. The tweet was nothing more than bait to get people talking. Moving on…

    1. Not to mention (to add strength to what you are saying) it is pretty common knowledge that straight porn pays men terribly compared to gay porn. That’s been a truth for years, and I don’t think it has gotten better. Women make the money in straight porn.

      So, to affirm what you said, why would any gay man, who could make seriously more in gay porn, go to straight porn “just for the money”. There is at least some (small) reinforcement for straight (ish) men doing gay porn “for the money”, but the reverse just doesn’t make sense.

      A gay man, in gay porn, doing straight porn for the money would be like an accountant getting a counter job at McDonalds “for the money”.

  5. Jack/Dolf – please go away

    Not interested in gay for pay or bi performers. There are so many sexy gay guys available… let them have the work!

  6. And this is why I enjoy the amature stuff that is uploaded for free. Yeah, the quality always sucks. But they do it because they like it, not for the pay!
    I rarely watch commercial porn anymore. I would get a membership, but only about 5% of the scenes they do are even remotely hot for me. That is for ALL sites.

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