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Vadim Farell, Kris Evans, Ashton McKay, Dennis West, Trevor Yates, Dawson & Dolph Lambert (Sept. 2009)

Vadim Farell was introduced by Belami Online but his scenes with guys listed on the site only goes as far as 2012.

Kris Evans with his 3rd solo shoot. According to Belami Online, the 1st one was just a solo since Kris didn’t want to lose his virginity to a guy. He came back for the 2nd time but his look was not Belami Online material since he was “out of shape” and the short hair was not to their liking.

Marshall of Frat Men was introduced who will be known as Ashton at Corbin Fisher & he will have other aliases before he becomes Ashton McKay at Men.

Joey of Sean Cody was now John Magnum [movies].

Jamie and his brother Lucas were introduced by Sean Cody.

Dennis of Sean Cody was introduced. He will be known as Dennis West [mugshot] in 2015 at Men.

Love Addiction from Kristen Bjorn – a double penetration that used one condom.

Trevor Yates as the bottom to the Peters twins at Belami Online that had the twins suck each other’s cock. Almost all of the scenes of the twins including this one have been removed from the site.

Dawson of Corbin Fisher fucked Dolph Lambert of Belami Online.

Controversial back then, it was condom use with the guys at Corbin Fisher but not with their bisexual and str8 scenes. And, Belami Online started releasing bareback scenes.

We have several clips in our archives of guys fucking with no condoms and over the coming months we will release them on the club site.

Marcus Mojo [movies] as Landon Mycles bottomed for the first time with Hayden Stephens as his top.

5 thoughts on “Vadim Farell, Kris Evans, Ashton McKay, Dennis West, Trevor Yates, Dawson & Dolph Lambert (Sept. 2009)

  1. Jamie was one of the Sean Cody greats: Friendly smile, awesome personality, skilled cock sucker and a hungry booty that loved the pleasures of being fucked. Of his many smokin hot bottoming scenes IMO his hottest scene was bottoming for big dick top Jess. Jamie wherever you are I hope life is treating you well.

  2. Man, I loved Kris Evans. I remember finding people’s sudden attraction to him weird when he jacked up his body a few years ago and people suddenly started to notice him I was like where y’all been?! I hate that Fleshjack/Fleshlight discontinued his dildo and I can’t find it for purchase anywhere. Anyway, he was an awesome performer and did everything from sucking, fucking, licking, getting sprayed in the face with cum and eating it. Can’t say his years in the industry weren’t served well.

  3. Something about Ashton McKay has always reminded me of David Boreanaz. He def. got hotter with age but was just an okay performer. He didn’t really make an impact.

  4. The picture of Dawson and Dolph together shows that Mother Nature sometimes creates physically beautiful perfection.

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