From Zane of Corbin Fisher to Ace Stone and now as Logan Aarons

He was first introduced as Zane by Corbin Fisher in 2014. It was also the same year he had scenes as Ace Stone (twitter by that name has been deleted) at Gay Room.

By 2015, he had scenes at Next Door Studios [gallery 01, gallery 02 & gallery 03].

He re-joined Twitter in 2018 as Logan Aarons but majority of his tweets were sent after November 2021.

Next Door Studios – $6.95 for 30 days of streaming access.


  1. k

    oh please not another bi/g4p guy we are over them entirely, why do all the blogs promotes them

    • Nidaye

      LOL, you think gay ones are better???

      • Muggy

        What gay ones? Even the “gay” ones are fucking women at this point.

    • EdWoody

      Why do you assume he’s G4P? If you actually look at his Twitter instead of just ranting first, he has full versatile sex with men, all his likes and follows are men, there’s literally no evidence he’s ever even met a woman judging by that account.

      • Richie

        He did fuck a girl on his CF days tho…

        • Jeff

          On his Twitter he’s only fucking & getting fucked by men. People do discover themselves later in life, I think he’s learned to accept who he is & is an out homosexual

      • Dom50

        Cause a troll is a troll, is a damn troll. There’s always someone out there that responds to the loneliness of a troll. Hell I’m contributing to it with this post.

  2. andrew

    By whatever name, he’s a handsome hunk and an asset to gay porn.

  3. simp

    Wow, he actually looks even better than his CF days. Didn’t like his ink back then but at least he didn’t get more.

  4. Yop

    He is definitely gay. I remember a blowjob scene at CF, and was too hot. He was totally into it.

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