Octavio, Roque Rems, Stu (SC), Fox Rifler & Chi Chi LaRAW

Octavio & Roque Rems shared Valentin Amour at Lucas Entertainment.

Stu, who is still doing wrestling scenes as Loki, is making a cameo in an upcoming series at Sean Cody.

Fox Rifler, from the first guy to fuck Damien White, in a flip fuck with Davin Strong at The Guy Site.

Chi Chi La Rue’s new site is Chi Chi LaRAW (I thought it was Pride Studios).


  1. andrew

    Stu was one of my all time SC favorites. He always seemed to be as beautiful on the inside as he so clearly was on the outside.

  2. bo

    Fox is a seriously hot ginger bear who is gay as a goose and loves big cocks and loves to eat cum. Davin Strong is sort of bi maybe but also loves to get fucked and eat cum. Both have OF sites.

  3. Fathom

    Wild-ass bottom-only guys like Valentin Amour, Ruslan Angelo, and Allen King bore TF out of me, just as top-only guys like Max Konnor, Rocco Steele, Ray Diesel, et al do. I truly get that some guys don’t like/want to bottom or top, but for me, what turns me on is someone who’s versatile. Show me something I haven’t seen instead of a Valentin Armour or Drew Dixon taking 10 dicks for the thousandth time.

    As for Chi Chi, what a fucking hypocrite, with his years of promoting safe sex. He got over that right quick when there was no longer a market for condom porn. I will say he’s one of the only directors who can shoot butt-eating, but apart from that he’s a hack and always has been.

  4. Tinx

    Is Chi chi still alive?

  5. Bull (@wldone)

    That ginger is fucking HAWT…….the other guy is hot too, but that ginger…….yummmm

  6. Res1

    Stu is overrated and has always been. Nice body subpar face even now. I don’t see anybody talking about him or reblogging his pics on Tumblr or Twitter for Sean Cody to keep using him. I don’t even remember his time at Sean Cody all that well and I damn sure don’t consider him a highlight of the company’s last 12 years. Brandon had more of an impact than Stu did. I still see Brandon’s SC gifs on tumblr to this day. If he’s not having sex on film, why even give him a platform? And the things Ive heard about him was that he isn’t too fond of his porn past, so why is he still here? I really wish the gay porn industry would let these guys fade into oblivion if they’re no longer part of the industry. There was a time when they would try to get on with their lives but now they want so desperately to extend their 15 minutes of fame by any means necessary.

    • Camille

      Overrated your sweet ass. He and Brandon Cody the loveliest and gorgeous models ever of SC.

      • Res1

        If you say so “Camille”.

  7. Reg

    A cameo, or is Stu actually going to be performing? I thought he turned his back quite bitterly on his gay porn past, so I’d be surprised if he’d be returning…unless things are going VERY badly for him away from porn.

    He’d certainly made a more interest model than most of Sean Cody’s since the sell-out…but my guess would be a walk-in like so many women do in gay porn, or a jerk-off while two other models perform.

    I’ll happily eat my words if the guy ends up with his ankles over his head!

    • Camille

      That’s the reason of all. People just love men bottoming hehe otherwise he will be despised (a la Arad Winwin)

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