1. Pascal

    Hopefully daddy is just as limber as ever

  2. R47

    Just as gorgeous as ever. Hopefully he’s back

  3. Little Miss Kiss

    I think he still looks good. I would watch his scenes if he returned.

  4. EdWoody

    Remarkable – he doesn’t look half dead like I might have expected. I was always a fan back in the day, I hope I can still say I’m a fan in the future.

  5. Fathom

    Oh gosh, he was so cute. A lot of personality. Still looks good, and I would also watch him if he returned.

  6. bo

    Agree with all the above.

    • Luv2Suck4Ever


  7. Ollie

    He’s one of the best looking guys in the biz, especially his gorgeous eyes. I’d love to see his cumback

  8. "Tigger68

    Jason Crew is just as gorgeous as he always has been, will definitely be watching his scenes if he comes back.

  9. joe

    Loved this guy back in the day and he still looks hot! his energy was amazing

  10. Brusier

    He should go fuck himself.

  11. Chad H

    Was a great “dirty” talker. Hopefully he retained that attribute.

  12. AndyInWH

    I hooked up with him about 10-11 years ago. He was even more beautiful in person – those eyes!! He was also very much a sweetheart, and fun to be with.

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