Slam Rush is not a career ender according to Hatler Gurius

There seems to be talk among porn stars that working for Slam Rush, now known as Face Up Ass Down due to a complaint filed against them with Mastercard, ends your career in gay porn.

Not in the case of Hatler Gurius, who has been out of prison for 19 months now.

Hatler is in the latest 4 scenes at Face Up Ass Down as Jesse.

He now has three scenes released by Chaos Men.

And, three bisexual scenes – two at Bi Phoria and one at Devil’s Film.

13 thoughts on “Slam Rush is not a career ender according to Hatler Gurius

  1. So let me get this straight. He was arrested for breaking in and stealing an illegal drug from his neighbor. Who exactly reported this, the neighbor? Wouldn’t the neighbor be arrested then for possession? Something ain’t right.

    1. My guess is that as awful what he’s admitted to is, he’s also sugar-coated it :-/

  2. Maybe, just maybe, Mr Hatler should have used some of his time locked up, Oh I don’t know… Maybe reading a dictionary ? CARREER ? Really?
    But, looking at him, his career was over long before he started at Slamrush……. Next !

  3. Not gay (√)
    Fucks ugly mutilated frankensteins (√)
    Fugly (√)
    Criminal (√)

    A Denz quality pornie.

    1. If you don’t like the people Denz posts on his blog, why do you keep coming back to view them and comment on them?

      1. Andrew, it’s quite apparent that the lady – I use the term very loosely, doesn’t have a life.

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