Alexander, Marcus Young & Jason Collins

Alexander in 2016, 2021 & this week at Beefcake Hunter.

Marcus Young in 2019, 2020 & this week at Guys At Sweatpants.

Jason Collins [previous then & now] in 2021 at Say Uncle and 2 weeks ago on Twitter.


  1. Muggy

    Jason Collins is a loser. I’ve never seen someone try so hard to be ‘masc’ and ‘butch’ in my life. He’s screams about ‘self-acceptance’ but he’s constantly putting on an act.

    • andrew

      Muggy is a loser.

      • andrew

        Muggy is not only a loser. He is a big part of the problem. Does anyone believe that his nasty post about Jason Collins got 232 individuals to upvote it?

        • Muggy

          Does anyone believe it got 69 dislikes? Go talk to your butt boy FieldMedic. Live by the sword, die by the sword, loser.

          • andrew

            Hopefully Denz will do away with any rating system so that people like you can’t run up the score on things or people you don’t like. With no ratings you and all of us will be able to express our opinions but others will be able to show why they agree or disagree with those opinions.

            • Muggy

              I’ve never run up the score on anything. I’ve only responded when my post has been voted bombed by idiots like Fieldmedic. Tell you butt buddy to drop dead.

    • Eric

      Doesn’t he claim to be straight?

      • Reg

        He started with escorting, maybe as far back as when Rentboy was around and he always proclaimed to not only be straight, but married…and that his wife was okay with him being an escort.

        I’m not sure if there actually was a wife, but I’m wondering if she’s still around.

        His porn really has taken on an unpleasant “dom” turn…the only time I’ve ever seen him bottom was to a trans woman and they were hitting the poppers hard and he was spouting all sorts of rubbish while they were doing it.

        • McM.

          I don’t know why, but this is funny.

        • Curious

          You have the link to that video?

  2. vonschlomo

    I LOVE Marcus Young! Marry me, boy! LOL

  3. Magnus

    None of them were attractive younger, and they are worse now.

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