Ty Roderick, Cliff Jensen, Damien White, Chris Damned, Johnny Rapid, Roman Todd, Leon Foreman (King) & Johnny Forza

Ty Roderick, who was released from prison 3 months ago, filmed for Disruptive Films.


And, so did Cliff Jensen, a friend of Ty, who visited Ty in prison.


Damien White with his 2nd (?) top in Chris Damned at Next Door Studios and possible fan content with Johnny Rapid.


Roman Todd with Leon Foreman (as Leon King) of Gay Hoopla – fan content or filming for a studio (Roman holding a script or reading the solution to the Diophantine Equation math puzzle 😁?)


Johnny Forza with a possible comeback via Broke Straight Boys.



  1. andrew

    Johnny Forza was so beautiful before he added all that nasty ink.

    • Bsg67

      Still looks amazing

      • andrew

        I agree that Johnny still looks amazing, but IMO all those large tats districts from his natural beauty.

  2. Robbierob500

    Johnny Forza a comeback!!! I’m all In

  3. Scuriois

    What happened to Damien White’s Twitter?

    • McM.

      Let’s hope he deleted it.

  4. TB199

    Johnny Forza was so spectacular back in the day. That ink has really diminished him in my eyes. Although it could definitely be worse and he’s still pretty hot. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll get the excess ink removed. I can only hope!

  5. DeanD

    I’d love to see a Cliff Jensen/Ty Roderick pairing.

    • Fathom

      oh dude, I’d be so up for that (literally). Ty used to bottom regularly. I prefer flip flop scenes, but I could definitely get into seeing him bottom for Cliff Jensen. There has to be ass eating, though.

    • andrew

      That would be smokin hot. Cliff Jensen is one of this hungry bottom’s top guys.

  6. . πŸŒˆπŸ’™ (@JB_TF2019)

    Wasn’t there some bad tea going on abt Johnny Forza? An abuser?

    • Reg

      You might be confusing him with someone else. There was a LOT of abuse going on around the time he was last in porn. Johnny Rapid with his wife-beating, the thankfully dead and hopefully now rotting in hell Sebastian Young, etc. And actually, maybe it was Donny Forza not Johnny, because there was than incident with Tom Faulk and I think something else :-/

  7. Jay

    If Ben Dover comes back I’ll just lose my mind.

  8. Huron132

    Can’t wait see Ty he is one of my all time faves. As is Cliff and Johnny Forza. I’m glad to see them healthy and looking as good if not better than before. Luck has been on their side. I hope they keep their rabbits foot close! Can’t wait for all the new content they will be doing!!

  9. Res1

    I cannot believe Ty Roderick still has fans. As much as some of you bash gay for pay models you have soft spot for Ty? Really?

    When are some of them going to be retired? You’re almost 40 and still doing porn? Hang it up!

  10. R47

    Seems we can’t see the tweet pictures anymore without signing in on MOP, even though we may be a member
    Here’s hoping Ty Roderick bottoms. He was pretty good at it

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