22 thoughts on “From top to bottom for Arad Winwin (tips @ Randal Thor & Robert)

  1. Watch it get deleted now that it is signal boosted. Better save it while you can guys.

    1. It’s not exactly anything to write home about. I’m not even sure there’s half a dozen thrusts in. It might be that in reality Arad is a pig bottom, but it’s all too little, too late. He’s as stale as an old piece of toast.

  2. Not a fan of this, but he’s probably like Chris Damned, willing to bottom in his private life (or in Chris’ case Only Fans) but keeps his studio work “top only” either for the studios or his (not going to be nice here) idiotic fans who would leave him if he bottomed (ie. Jeremy Bilding’s claims when he did gay porn).

    In either case the studios or the small subset of “we can’t stand versatile men” fans ruin it for the rest of us.

    1. His idiotic fans? Apparently you can be mean and insulting as you want to be. What happened to being the leader of the PC brigade? Or is insulting gay men fair game but bisexuals and trans are above it?

  3. Chris D. said he refuses to bottom for certain studios, namely Men. com, because they pay a lot more money to straight/G4P guys than to bi and gay guys for the same positions.

    1. The hilarious thing is that he burst onto the scene as a versatile, apparently openly gay, power bottom. Then he was rebranded.

      1. What are some of his early scenes? Haven’t seen any studio vids with him bottoming.

        1. I don’t think they were studio. They were more akin to OnlyFans. Unless he’s deleted them, scroll WAY down his Twitter and you’ll see the way the guy first pitched himself.

      2. I just checked his IAFD page and he’s only bottomed three times, two in flip flop scenes, and once as the bottom in a threesome.

  4. To little to late. No longer interested in any new content with this bisexual liar.

  5. genuine question, who cares?
    second genuine question, why do you communicate with twitter accounts who fetishize and celebrate conversion and try to paint bisexual men doing straight porn as them being converted dez? cus you’re not doing it for the shock value.
    Arad and sharok are the same literally the same kind of story almost down to a t, so i couldnt care less or like him less than i already do. It would be nice to not be reminded of him. As an arab myself they honestly disgust me, if not for perpetuating homophobia then for stealing spots of gay men who are dying rn. once their karma show up i dont think they’ll be able to withstand it and that would be fair.

    1. You have to ask why he’s communication with accounts like that? We all know the answer.

    2. Neither Arad nor Sharok is an Arab. Arad is Iranian and Sharok is Iranian/Turkish.

  6. The video has a bad resolution that I cannot confirm whether he is bottoming or not

    1. I think he had it inside like 3 seconds. But it’s hard to tell because the video is so low res and the “top” pulls out and jerks off for most of it.

  7. Most gay or bi men have bottomed at some point in their lives. It doesn’t mean they want to do it for a porn studio. I heard it’s really difficult to bottom in studio porn, since they have to film scenes multiple times, from multiple angles, plus take all the HQ pics used for promotion, etc. It’s really wearing for bottoms. This is why Diego Sans says he doesn’t bottom anymore.

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