Micky Mallato, Kevin or Mike Bebecito? (March 2022)

The weekly poll winners for the month of March 2022.

Week 1 – Micky Mallato of Gay Hoopla

Week 2 – Kevin (aka Kevin Daley in 2017) of Sean Cody

Week 3 – No Winner (None Of The Above got the most votes)

Week 4 – Mike Bebecito of Tim Tales

Vote for your favorite Model Of The Month – March 2022.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Micky Mallato, Kevin or Mike Bebecito?
522 votes
Ends on 04/30/2022


  1. HJ

    If I were stranded on a desert island with the three of them, I guess I’d choose Micky. But none of them really get my bells ringing.

  2. andrew

    Micky Micky you’re so fine. Hey Micky!!!

    • Muggy

      Andrew, you’ve been single too long…

  3. Reg

    Ah, Micky…and your Resting Bitch Face.

  4. Filip

    Micky Mallato is a ten star guy!! The two others doesn’t even come close. He has a fabulous extremely fit body and a wonderful face. Really surprised this vote wasn’t a landslide.

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