9 thoughts on “Michael Convertino is back as Lane at Sean Cody

  1. I never cared for Lane’s looks or his unimpressive dick. He’s an annoying performer. Those tattoos are dreadful. A design on his chest that looks like bra and palm trees on his shoulders? Really?

  2. I love lane. He’s one of my all time favorite SC models. He’s sexy looking and loves bottoming and always seemed to be having fun with his scene partners. I will admit I’m not a fan of the facial hair and the extensive tats, but I love you anyway Lane.

  3. I think he is a cute guy. Plus, I like that he has a normal cock, he doesn’t need to be huge to be sexy!

  4. WHAT has he done to himself?

    Why do so many guys feel the need to cover themselves in such terrible ink? I’ve seen some good tattoos, but that looks like he’s wearing a cross between a bra and an off the shoulder top…in weedy 90’s tribal print :-/

    he used to be so cute….
    with that HORRIBLE ink he looks like the greasy wall at some rest stop glory hole…
    no… just no….

  6. Lane can be a solid performer (albeit, an inconsistent one.) Sadly, though I am fine with ink work, his choice is a distraction and one that isn’t sexy or has any appeal to me. It takes away from any of his formal appeal (to me.) This scene (which I watched in its entirety) lacks chemistry and any semblance of competent videography (which seems to be a recurring theme on SC.)

  7. Lane used to be so handsome. I will never understand why good looking men get so many tattoos to look ugly? The tattoos look hideous.

  8. Interesting that some here think he’s really handsome minus the tattoos. Picture this: seeing him on the street wearing a shirt – just sayin.

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