A rejected (?) scene of Kris Evans

Kris Evans first had 3 solo shoots at Belami Online before he filmed scenes with guys. He left after his first shoot since he didn’t want to lose his virginity to a guy. When he returned for his second solo shoot, he was asked to comeback since he was “out of shape” and they didn’t like his hair. It was in 2009 when he returned for his 3rd solo shoot and he is now one of the most recognizable faces at Belami Online.

He left Belami Online in 2016 and pursued a career in bodybuilding. But, there were still unreleased scenes of Kris till 2019.

It seems there is one more scene of Kris Evans to be released by Belami Online where he was the top to Antony Lorca.

Was this scene accidentally marked as “unfinished” but now released after a recent review of their rejected materials?

5 thoughts on “A rejected (?) scene of Kris Evans

  1. How could any Kris Evans scene be “rejected”? The man was the last gay porn STAR.

  2. Hello-

    since Evans was auditioning for a gay porn company isn’t not wanting to lose your virginity to another
    guy just a tad homophobic?

  3. Where did this lie come from that Kris Evans is Belami’s biggest pornstar? I remember Kevin Warhol, Dolph and Mick all being bigger than Kris Evans. Kris Evans didn’t become “Kris Evans” until after he left Belami and got ripped. Not saying he wasn’t one of their top guys, but he certainly wasn’t their biggest at his peak.

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