A half naked Ryan Bones as the top

Ryan Bones had scenes released last year where he was half naked as a top or as a bottom. He was ready to go shirtless in a tweet last February.

His scene with Travis Connor is up next at Raging Stallion where Travis got naked while Ryan wore a tank top.

8 thoughts on “A half naked Ryan Bones as the top

  1. I don’t know why some guys care so much. A hot guy is also hot if they are chubby. Being hot is so much more than our bodies. We gays are way too much focused on washboard abs and all that crap.

    1. I agree. I wanted to do a scene on guys who wear sweatpants. I inquired about it and I’m attractive but avg body and Austin told me I was too fat and needed to be model ready. What happened to people who are comfortable in their skin and show the world body positivity. I will say it was a little self defeating. But given his reputation, it’s for the best.

  2. It is fine if he’s “overweight”, because I prefer a guy who isn’t a rake. What’s ridiculous is a porn star wearing clothes when they’re “performing”. He either doesn’t do a scene, takes a break until he’s happy with himself, or gets over himself and takes his clothes off. It is RIDICULOUS and very, very, unsexy.

  3. It’s much worse when guys keep their clothes on like this. Even if you feel like you aren’t in the best shape, some guys like the different look. It’s like reappearing with a different haircut! It’s perfectly fine and doesn’t ruin some kind of porn representation. Sure some commenters will complain, but someone always complains, I just think… lose the shirt!

    Probably better for the mental health of the porn consuming community in the first place.

    1. It’s refreshing to see someone different, a body that’s different, something to be able to tell someone apart…without it being truly grotesque bad tattoos. His body would look fine! I don’t know why he’s SO hung-up about his physique that he’d still do porn, only if he got to keep his clothes on (or that the “studio” would let him do that). Either he’s considered so valuable a commodity to lose that they’ll let him perform clothes, or they just thought that no one would notice?

      You’ve got Delgaty who is considered to be stunning and have an amazing body…but he’s not all that, his body isn’t all that and he’s a dreadful performer. I’m not saying that Ryan is much better, but a little weight and being short-sighted is something different. It’s refreshing to have something different.

      You can’t call him “plus sized”, but there’d be nothing wrong if he really was! Fucking with your clothes on in porn and not just once and part of the “story” is just pathetic.

      Oh and should I mention that on Facebook he’s saying that he’s only losing weight and getting into shape for his new girlfriend?

  4. I just liked Ryan when he was a little fitter that is all…and I like Ryan as a bottom more….I liked the scene between Travis and Cole Connor

  5. He doesn’t need to look like he lives at the gym, but it would be good if he visited it a couple days per week. Some guys look good stocky. Bones doesn’t look great.

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