11 thoughts on “Men vs. Trans Angels

    1. +1. When the scenes are a choice between a straight man having sex with a guy or a gay man having sex with a woman I choose neither.

    2. Same.

      Malik is good-looking (bar the ridiculous costumes) but it’s hard to get excited at him. Hmm, wonder why…

  1. I would rather watch paint dry than have to sit through another Malik scene. He’s a truly lame, ice cold “performer”. I won’t watch a GAY scene with a woman or trans woman in it. I am gay AND I AM SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO MEN!

  2. You know Skyy Career has hit rock bottom when he could only get a Trans angel Scene. What a sad way to go. He should have done a hot Gay guy but alas performers don’t respect their public and get shocked when people stop following. Both guys are a pass, no thanks.

    1. Working for Trans Angel doesn’t point to a career decline. Being trans and trans rights is very popular right now. Gay is so 2010 and now it’s all about trans, nonbinary, etc. Don’t be surprised if you see Skyy doing FTM porn soon.

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