Sex with your ex for Roman & Noah at Corbin Fisher

Roman and Noah used to date and broke up right before they started working for Corbin Fisher.

What you might not know is these two used to date, and in fact both landed at CF at the same time because they'd talked about applying together. They split up right around then so were never dating while actually appearing on CF, but the entire time they've each been here things have been building up to this break up sex episode. Mind you, it's not like there's been any anger or hostility between them. They've gotten along with one another just fine, kept in touch, but had never gotten around to Roman fucking the absolute daylights out of Noah as they've each clearly desperately wanted since breaking up until this episode right here. 


  1. andrew

    Roman and muscular little (5’5″) Noah are smokin hot together. I love watching Roman manhandle and fuck Noah almost as much as he obviously loved it. Bottom only Noah has had most of the hot guys at CF.

  2. Little Miss Kiss

    Corbin Fisher is dreadful now. Roman with his drag eyebrows. I don’t find Noah attractive. They only have four homely active men in their roster. Max was the last CF star. He is gorgeous.

  3. Bo

    Methinks this is only the second time Corbin has outed any of his models…if I recall, the other was Quinn and his BF? Nice to see Noah again, he is the quintessential boy next door bottom.

  4. gerry t

    Roman is ok, and a good performer. Noah is unattractive, to be polite. I’d rather see Henry back, and I disliked him.

  5. Res1

    Roman is in EVERY update. Can they not afford to pay the others or does his videos get really high views? I like CF for staying the same and not selling like Sean Cody but they’re gonna have to do better with the roster. Roman shouldn’t be in every update. It’s like their Kenny but hotter.

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