Papi Kocic, Oliver Granger, Ruda Doubek or JJ George? (July 2022)

The weekly poll winners for the month of July.

Week 1 – Papi Kocic of Men

Week 2 – Oliver Granger of Belami Online

Week 3 – Ruda Doubek of William Higgins

Week 4 – JJ George of Lucas Entertainment

Vote for your favorite.

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Papi Kocic, Oliver Granger, Ruda Doubek or JJ George?
657 votes
Ends on 8/31/2022

7 thoughts on “Papi Kocic, Oliver Granger, Ruda Doubek or JJ George? (July 2022)

    1. It’s a mental disorder… like cutting or scab picking. It’s a very Tampa look. They believe that if one small tattoo makes him garners some attention because he looks “dirty hot”, then a massive ink blotch on the chest will garner much much more attention. In a couple years he’ll be completely covered with ink, at which point he’ll look crazy and unstable and be shunned by most people.

      1. Ah, the Logan McCree effect. A once happily openly gay man, who turned into a “cured” anti-gay protestor and activist, who lobbies in Scotland to destroy us all.

        1. Oh absolutely, because everyone who gets tattoos just ups and moves to a town in the Highlands with a million sheep to every human, and joins a fringe political wacko party.

          What have I warned you about going Full Reg? Never, ever go Full Reg!

          1. You’re still here? I thought Denz stopped you from making all those burner comments with different names? “Phil H”, aka obsessed with someone he’s never met, but whose opinion he doesn’t even have an opinion of his own about, but just wants to target because he has absolutely nothing else in his sad and tragic excuse of a life.

            A truly pathetic, friendless, orphaned by choice, pitiful and genuinely foul troll.

            By all means, “dislike” everything I say, when you don’t have anything else to say, except a personal comment about myself. I’m not going to read them, so waste your time as a keyboard warrior, because I’m not looking.

            Get a life though, right? There’s more to life than the internet and people you don’t actually know. Voice an opinion…but not of me. I don’t care. You’re nothing to me. You become less than nothing, with each and every pathetic goad and and dig.

            1. I don’t do “burner” comments Reg. I post under the same name every time. No shame, no hiding. It amuses me that you think that every time someone thinks you’re a mutant you assume that it’s me. Could it be that you’re projecting your own sins onto others?

              I also love that you’re not going to read my comments but you’ll engage in a four paragraph diatribe about them. Full disclosure. You’ve been moderately well behaved recently. You’ve done well at commenting on the subject, rather than going on weird rants about tangentially related topics and the personal lives of porn performers. You’ve started to backslide though, so I’m here to keep you honest.

              Your last paragraph is hilarious, though, given you spend your time here – on the internet – voicing an opinion on people you don’t know.

              I believe you’re in the UK based on your use of English. I’m in Glasgow. If you’re ever visiting hit me up. I’ll buy you a pint and explain how being a hysterical weirdo is a bad look for you.

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