Joey of Sean Cody, Ricky Larkin & Shane Cook

Joey at Sean Cody (2014 & 2018) and the latest photo shared by Joey (as Ian) on Twitter

Ricky Larkin in 2011 & 2018 at Men, 2021 at Kink Men and his latest scene at See Him Fuck this year.

Shane Cook in 2017 at Helix Studios, this year at Next Door Studios and the latest photo shared by Shane on Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Joey of Sean Cody, Ricky Larkin & Shane Cook

  1. Omg i am a Larkin fan in his past scenes but damn he looks 60 YO in that photo. WTF happened?

    1. He tweeted a while ago that he had been diagnosed with cancer. I’m not sure how that’s going.

  2. Lucky the bottom guy that Shane Cook goes Cave Man on. He’s one hot big thick cock top man.

  3. I don’t get the appeal of Shane Cook from the neck up. I also don’t think much of him as a performer.

  4. IDK since Shane Cook is supposedly 26 years old tweeting that he’s looking for “someone’s son” sort of implies that he’s looking for an underage guy. Not the best phrasing.

  5. Joey looks really good he wrote on another gay message board he is considering starting an only fans. He broke up with his wife. I think he went to medical school don’t know if he graduated? He seems to be testing waters might male a comeback?

    1. If Joey had the academic records to get into a medical school, there are certainly a lot of ways he could earn a living other than working in porn.

    2. He did start an OnlyFans after earlier saying he wouldn’t go back to porn (or maybe just meant Sean Cody). He needs to find a sweet spot for pricing, at present it’s one of those ones you would only sub to right now if you feel compelled to support him rather than get tons of great content.

      But he does seem like a good dude, and he was one of the last SC Golden Age performers. Trying to get over that we have the same first name.

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