Height of the guys at Gay Hoopla – did they get it right?

The latest update at Gay Hoopla had Micky Mallato fuck David Slinger.

Both guys were measured at 6’2″.

Did Gay Hoopla correctly measure their height?

What about the pair-up of the 5’9″ Jeremiah Cruz and the 6’0″ Andy McBride?

Or, Calvin Russe & Jaxon Grey who both stands at 6’3″.

Could it be just the angle of the camera, or the way the guys were positioned that looked like one is taller or of the same height?


  1. Ted

    Why you gotta be like this menofporn blog? lol

  2. TheBitchIsBack!

    I think the article brings up a valid point tho.. Alot of sites do fudge the numbers when it comes to porn stars in-order to make them seem more appealing.. especially in the height dept.

    Just like straight women, a majority of gay men prefer tall guys.. and if your models are taller, you get more traffic..

    The worst offender for this (I find) is Men.com… the majority of their models from Montreal are packaged as being around 6ft.. when in fact the truth is guys like William Seed and Ryan Bones are actually 5’9″…

  3. sejabemviado (@bottom_brazil)

    Is there anything from this site that is true apart from the owners’ blatant homophobia?

  4. ncbored

    I doubt that they really measured the models – probably just used whatever measurements the models told them. But obviously nobody paid attention to any discrepancies.

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