Jerk Buddies is about “convincing stories of straight guys turning gay for their best buddies”

Adult Time, a site that contains trans, lesbian, animation, gay & milf content, with a new series titled Jerk Buddies “This series tells stories of straight guys turning gay for their best buddies even as they are in denial. Gradually escalating exploratory sex acts that start with “totally not gay” side-by-side masturbation that eventually turns into more as they convince themselves using flimsy excuses to justify their curiosity.

15 thoughts on “Jerk Buddies is about “convincing stories of straight guys turning gay for their best buddies”

  1. I mean… I feel like somehow, somewhere there are people that can enjoy this concept as only porn fantasy… but I kind of feel like it is not healthy. I feel like this is not a good fantasy to harbor… “Turning your straight friends” or “”getting them to experiment with you”. Most of the time those are not the best things for multiple reasons.

  2. Adulttime is really trying to get that gay money I guess. It feels like pride when companies slap a rainbow on their logos.

  3. As far as I can tell, no previews are available, nor is there a way to tell how much content is there. Lots of red flags!

  4. oh…the poor people who will pay for this type of programming and feel the loss of their money immediately by viewing any full scene.

  5. The whole pulling a str8 guy thing is as cringy as the whole get a gay guy to fuck vaginas thing. We can do so much better or can we?? Seems like all of these new releases and studios have run their courses. Gay porn is dead.

  6. I don’t have a problem with straight guys. I just don’t think they should be in gay porn. I wish more gay men would collectively refuse this bullshit and utilize a bit of dignity. I’ve seen too many hustlers that infest the gay community and disingenuously prey on our attractions. Once they attach themselves to the host and leave us an empty hull, they move on to their next prospect/victim like the parasites they are. I’m not bitter at all, as you can see. lol. But seriously, it’s getting old.

  7. I agree with the hustler angle.. nowadays it seems like everyone is either on Onlyfans or Rentmen. I had a friend who started seeing a guy, to whom he had no idea had an Onlyfans page.. He only found out when they went out on their 3rd date, when someone asked the other guy for an autograph.. My friend was ok with the Onlyfans, but when the other guy mentioned his Rentmen Page, that’s when the date soon ended…

  8. It’s fantasy. There are gay men wishing their crushes were heterosexual. There are women who told me they wanted to have sex with me, a homosexual man. It won’t ever happen and they have never actually pursued. As long as it’s just wishful thinking I say fantasize away!

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