If you miss Bryan Cole

Bryan Cole first had scenes released from 2012 to 2017 for sites like Next Door Studios, Kink Men & Pride Studios.

If you miss him, he is the latest straight at Bait Buddies where he was the top to Max Romano.

This is not the first time that Bryan has topped. He has done in the past (3x?) at Guys In Sweatpants & Raw Fuck Club.


  1. Brad

    His face looks sunk in…

  2. alec

    Time has not been kind (doesn’t help himself with the head hair and facial hair choices either), IMO

  3. FieldMedic

    I thought that he looked familiar…

  4. Kevin

    His body looks better

  5. Pavel Ford

    Uh, I thought maybe but NO.
    He looks like a desperate used car salesman. Or the guy walking around the neighborhood going door to door with a clipboard trying to sell you a his high speed connection to the internet/cable.

  6. tig68

    He has not aged well at all and now with the PA this guy looks well under fed and does not look good anymore not like before.

  7. Dorian Lumeski

    What in the methappened to him?

  8. Gazzaq

    no and that tash is awful so 80’s

  9. JR

    5 years has not been kind to him. Have a sandwich kiddo

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