9 thoughts on “If you miss Sean at Sean Cody

  1. … They got to get back to more than one video per week… I don’t know if I can take this drought… I’m one more week away from unsubscribing. Unless we get something hot this month, I’m gone until they accumulate more clips that I find hot again…

  2. I really miss my hottie Nixon and hottie Jeb. Too bad that Jeb is gone and haven’t bottomed. I don’t really care much for the others.

  3. He’s still has it all face, body, dick, and ass! Wow it’s been like seven years since the True Life episode, he said he was going to go to law school, and by now his kids or at least one is a teenager or close to.

  4. I’m surprised that he stayed in porn all of these years after his True Life episode years ago. Gay porn seemed like something he did with so much disdain. You’d think he would have gone back to school or something the way he talked about it so begrudgingly. It’s pretty sad that this is what he has to do for an income to support his family. I’m sure his kids are almost middle school age now when bullying is at its worst.

    1. I think since then he became more comfortable with who he is. And now his opinion changed.

  5. I love Sean! Especially when he bottoms. Watching his big dick flop with each thrust! Whew πŸ˜…

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