Sean of Sean Cody, Finn Harding & Brogan of Sean Cody

The return of Sean at Sean Cody after a year will be released this coming Friday where he was paired with a newbie named Evan.

Finn Harding with the same scene for two sites – his threesome with Roman Todd and Izzy Wilde is up next at Why Not Bi and Trans Angels.

Brogan, who has homemade videos at Raw Fuck Club, will be the latest model from Sean Cody who will have a scene released by Men.

7 thoughts on “Sean of Sean Cody, Finn Harding & Brogan of Sean Cody

  1. I’m so damn tired of Finn and Roman. There’s nothing sexy about one guy who makes sex look so robotic and mechanical and only gets into some slight excitement if boobs are presented. Then on top of that he’s paired with the other one who literally has been featured four times on here within the past week. One underwhelming and one overexposed.

    1. And can we get passed the “oh my god I walked in on them fucking” scenarios with That shit is overplayed and tiring. Yes people fuck and that includes guys too.

  2. I laughed at the first set of pictures. That new guy, Evan, makes faces like he’s the lead in a stage musical! lol

  3. Why is a trans woman on Why not bi? A trams woman is NOT a real woman. The scene is basically another gay scene. A bit disappointed that trans content being pushed on a bi site. The whole point of Why Not Bi is seeing hot men pound a tight pussy. I want to see the guys eat pussy not fuck a tranny with a dick.

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