Tom Pollock, who was first given the name Dominic by Belami Online, first had two scenes with guys before his solo was released in 2012.

He is now retired as a porn star but still works for Belami Online as an archivist. The first scene that he filmed that had him bottom for Alex Oriolo is now the latest update on the site.

We have a blast from the past today as we bring you Tom Pollock’s first video that he filmed. A most of you know, Tom has developed quite a bit since this time. He finished working in front of the camera and now works in the office as our archivist. He has also developed physically as well, so these days he is much bigger than how you see him here. Anyhow, this is a nice reminder of one of our favourite guys and how he was when he first arrived. Lucky Alex Orioli (also still around in another position within the company) is he partner for today.

Like what the scene description stated, Tom is now bigger.

2 thoughts on “First scene of Tom Pollock

  1. That’s quite a transformation. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s not just back to porn, but back to bottoming too.

  2. Post a blog or something about Michael Lofton, he had done quite a few porn movies from 1997 to 2000 but then he never been heard of again. he kinda disappeared out of existence lmao

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