Jody Nikolas aka Tom Fuk

Jody Nikolas is the latest addition at Belami Online.

Jody was first known in 2014 (came back in 2016) as Tomas Fuk at Str8 Hell & William Higgins, where majority of his gay scenes were released.

His scenes were bought by US, UK & Canadian based porn sites such as Bromo, Randy Blue, UK Naked Men & Say Uncle.

Like a lot of Eastern European porn stars, Tomas Fuk [movies] did bisexual (Bi Empire) & straight scenes (Fake Hub & Sexy Hub).

* He was in scene #263 at Czech Hunter.

* He was also known as Zac Drogba.


  1. simp

    Yet another reason why Belami has been losing their lustre. Having these ancient releases just kills any interest one can have with these performers mostly already retired. Also, the improvement in technology over the last decade makes it very apparent that the pictures and videos were taken way back.

  2. Jktooo

    Hes also done quite a few scenes at, and that other family hook up site

  3. Bruiser

    He’s been a Prague sex worker for a decade. How old is this footage?

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