Top to bottom for Finn Harding

Two guys recently filmed their first time as the bottom according to Men.

One of them was Finn Harding. His Top To Bottom scene at Men will be released this Thanksgiving with Malik Delgaty as his top.

It included a woman who tricked Finn into getting a dildo shoved inside his ass. Instead, it was the cock of Malik.


  1. sed

    Already know it’s gonna be one of the worst scenes of all time as it features the most robotic, boring performers.

  2. CV

    I heard the second guy to bottom was Malik Delgaty. I am so excited.

    • K

      πŸ˜‡ and I seriously hope they’re open to the experience and like it too πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‹

  3. Camille

    No Malik πŸ™ πŸ™ It will hurt like my Baby Brandon Cody or Ryan Bones

    • Reg

      Well, he’s not going to be any better a bottom than he is a top. No loss.

      • Camille

        I have a different percepction so :/

  4. Andy

    Why does an ugly masculine woman got to be in a gay porno? The woman ruins the video gross.

    • Reg

      Get used to them. Women are apparently going to be appearing more in MEN and now Sean Cody videos as part of their “storylines” and also in bi content :-/

  5. FieldMedic

    I don’t trust MEN, they’ve already pulled a switcheroo with Malik’s “bottoming” so I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Camille

      MEN never promised that.

  6. Alex W

    Finn Harding is gay porn’s equivalent to wallpaper. He’s everywhere, but you don’t really notice him. Nothing special or outstanding with his performances and aesthetically he doesn’t tick any boxes for me.

    Malik is so overused in the industry that I’ve become immune to his lifeless, robotic persona. If gay porn ever does a parody of the Terminator, he’d be perfect for it. Nothing beyond the eyes. Just a machine.

    • K

      While I can’t disagree, this is harsh! 😢 At least can I wish that they’ll like anal stimulation and at least show some enthusiasm for it? Oh well, or even if they don’t, I hope their bodies like it πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ˆ

    • Camille

      Malik has been overused as a top but not as a bottom. Honestly, I dont want him bottoming :/ but it is or was a matter of time.

      • K

        Why don’t you want him bottoming?

        • Jktooo

          I can give u MY answer: i LOVE my tops to top, and if they bottom I just dont warch the scene. In the same way many who watch gay porn want the guys to be versatile many of us like our tops to stay tops. I accept that some may bottom, it doesnt irk me, i just dont watch. But those who are critical of tops not bottoming are truly not open minded cuz they contempt for tops who never bottom which is silly. They dont accept a top wont bottom so they hate them. Idc if my fave tops bottom, im just not gonna watch it.

        • Jktooo

          as an additional and perhaps easier clarification I love watching a man fuck! I dont care about seeing a man get fucked. I have no contempt towards bottoms theyre just not my thing. Now if a hot bottom tops im all for watching him fuck.

          • K

            Ah, gotcha! I think we’re very similar in an opposite spectrum, probably replacing when you said top for bottoms and vice versa then you know how I feel.

            I love watching men get fucked in the ass, I love watching how they react, both their faces, their eyes, how they make their sound, what they say, it also includes their body language both controllable like how they jerk their cocks or let go and submit or how they become aggressive and fuck themselves back, and also the uncontrollables like muscle movements and jerking, goosebumps, how their cock leak or how some of them just pee, how the new boys might even let out brief unintentional smiles, and so on.

            I bet you’re looking for something similar the tops do.

            I don’t need versatile men either. But I must admit, especially for amateur porn, that I welcome total tops who
            is eventually open to learn what anal stimulation feels like. It’s not for some, never mind. But for others it can be so hot! I can never forget boys like Ollie, Nixon, Conrad on SC or Grant, Luke, Reed on CF, or Landon or Sean Summers! The way he moans the first few times were so intense I think he loved it. I just can’t believe those military porn producers didn’t convince him to bottom until CF! But then if you know Sean Summers, I bet guys who getting watching men fuck like you probably like him while I was just sad and disappointed.

            Like you, I don’t mind tops who don’t bottom, I just don’t watch them. So I’m pretty happy to think I’ll eventually get to watch Finn and Malik while really looking at them for once. And I surely wish they’re better than Brandon. Some guys just suck at it while others can be good.

            I’m sorry you don’t care, please skip the scenes while I finally have a shot at watching the two boys πŸ™‚ Given how many you’ve already got, I hope you won’t hate MEN for it.

  7. Cherrystick

    I’m not going to be super long with this one. The answer to this studio, this scene, the gimmick, the men, this woman and this lame attempt to β€œgay” porn is HELL NO!

  8. Ollie

    A robotic performer turns out to be a great bottom slut, yes, I’m talking about William Seed. Same will happen to Finn and Malik

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