11 thoughts on “Another scene of Mason Wyler as the top since his comeback

  1. Mason Wyler as a top…that’s not something I thought I’d ever say.

    He was an unabashed power bottom cum dump and I still think that’s all an audience wants and needs from him.

    I can’t stand the little wife beater, but it’s the same with Johnny Rapid…some men in porn just don’t work as tops.

  2. His face looks bloated and his steroided body isn’t sexy. He’ll disappear again in five minutes.

  3. Nah. He does not look good, the bloated face + roided body isn’t a combo you want to acheive. That, and the dick issues. Like holy shit, do gay men even know what sex is anymore?

    1. Lmao! Some of you jealous dumbfuchs sure must get off on the “roid” tropes when you can’t fathom yourself working out and having a nice body from it. It’s ALWAYS gotta be roids and bloating from roids for you. SMGDH

      1. Sorry to disappoint you ms. thing, but you can perfectly train (with a diet) and have a decent, yet reasonable, body without juices. I know it’s hard for lazy shitstains like you to lift anything without injecting some roids.

  4. This comeback isn’t going well. First scene was an absolute no and choosing Men for your comeback wasn’t smart. This scene is off putting as well. Mason needs to take a step back and remember what made him a hit back in the day. Feed off of that and ride that wave.

  5. He’s gotten too muscular looking. He shoulda went the piggy route and did some scenes with Treasure Island or Raw Fuck Club for his cumback.

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