25 thoughts on “Deacon of Sean Cody at Trans Angels

    1. Bleh. What a waste. Not into this at all! He must be hurting for cash.
      Bi scene would be better. SO much better.
      Women and men

  1. I’m not interested in feminised males, but it’s better than the influx of FTM performers with their female genitals in so-called ‘gay porn’. No actual gay man wants to see a vagina.

      1. No amount of postmodernist gender ideology and progressive homophobia is going to make actual gay men be aroused by female physiology. Deal with it. Go find straight/bi men to eat your ‘boypussy’.

  2. Knew it was coming somehow. No gay porn model can go by without participating in bi/trans scenes now. But Deacon was always bisexual. I still applaud him because he married a man. That is a rarity among these bi performers

    1. Deacon is Gay mate not Bi.

      Please seriously why as GAY Men are we applauding this lable-iszation as if identifying as being ‘Gay’ is a dirty word in Gay Porn and normal life!

      1. Oh, you’re not allowed to identify as gay anymore. That’s bi and transphobic. No, every gay man has to say that he’d be with a woman or a transsexual, or he’ll be labelled a bigot.

        I don’t think the world realizes that the G in LGBTQI+ and +++++++ has become a dirty letter.

        All the talk of phobias and no one is paying attention to the homophobia that’s rife.

        1. Are you joking? There is a ton of Homophobia, it’s being side eyed and side-mouthed by the same people being OPENLY transphobic! That is the whole point of there being an LGBTQIA+! When you let one of them fall, they all fall and go to the next one. The only reason some states are having conversations again about conversion camps and “groomers” is because we’ve allowed them to harass trans people these last few year and turn back the clock in our society!

          You can’t give bigots an inch on anything, they WILL take advantage of you to justify everything they believe!

      2. See by the down votes I am correct. Gay men are sadly affected by Internal Homophobia. Hence why they would rather pay top dollar to support and revere G4P allegedly Heterosexual Guys, then actual self-identified Gay Porn Stars1 End Of! And you can argue about that, all you like but it is fact!

  3. It is still gay porn a trans woman is a biological male wearing a wig and make up. The trans women still got their dicks. This kind of porn it is interesting is popular with bisexual men or men who see themselves as straight. Trans porn blurs the lines in suspension of belief.

    1. You’re into ftm, aren’t you? Apply that logic to ftm porn, Mister ‘I identify as gay’ but love trans men and pussy.

  4. I not a fan of Deacon or his husband. In fact, when they turn up Sean Cody the site when hill fast rubbish. Neither he or his hubby are attractive and nor are they good performers. So, I won’t be watching either of them in anything thanks!

  5. Re submitting this comment.

    I am not a fan of Deacon or his husband. In fact, when they turned up Sean Cody the site when downhill fast!

    Neither he or his hubby are attractive, and neither are they good performers.

    So, I won’t be watching either of them in anything thanks!

  6. This isn’t it at all. Why in the hell do these so called “gay” porn guys do this? This doesn’t make your allure bigger. This makes your gay following click completely off and unfollow like clockwork. Deacon is looking rough around the edges too. Gay men aren’t interested in seeing their favorite models suck big tits or eat and penetrate vaginas. We’re not interested in seeing you have sex with a female even if another man is involved. We’re not buying the excuses of “well there’s G4P so why can’t their be S4P”.

    This is a weird move on his part and I’m sure before too long, we’ll have him pressuring and convincing his husband to do some sort of bi or trans porn scenes too.

  7. Modern ‘Queer’ ideology promotes homophobia. Only pansexuality is acceptable in that worldview.

  8. Why would a gay audience want to see a man have sex with a surgically manufactured girl-looking man?

  9. Trans community needs to boycott porn companies that use them. This is an example. No one can explain this to me: If transwomen are women, why are they posted on gay porn blogs and gay porn sites? Isn’t that a slap in the face to the trans community?

    As for gay pornstars sleeping with FTM, MTF, and/or women. I’m not even surprised. Luckily, but my mind seems to automatically know what pornstars are garbage. So when I see them do some garbage crap, my mind just goes: Confirmed!

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