From the boyfriend of Tyler Roberts “He suffered heart failure last Monday & is in the ICU fighting for his life.”

Aaron Roberts, boyfriend of Tyler Roberts, tweeted on his & Tyler’s account that Tyler is currently in the ICU fighting for his life.

A Go Fund Me page was created in Tyler’s behalf 3 days ago.

He’s currently battling for his life in the ICU, facing heart, liver, and kidney failure, among other dangerous ailments. We need him to focus on healing and stabilizing, so we’re asking his family, friends, and community for support. We need to raise funds for his bills (rent, car, utilities, etc.) and medical costs to relieve any stress while he is in the hospital. We’re also raising money for his mother, Lori, and partner, Josh, to be able to stay in Palm Springs by his side. Neither of them lives in California, so they will need funds for their long-term stays and food since they cannot work.

25 thoughts on “From the boyfriend of Tyler Roberts “He suffered heart failure last Monday & is in the ICU fighting for his life.”

  1. Wonder if he had COVID? There’s a disturbing trend of heart problems, heart attacks, organ failures, and strokes following COVID infection. People are suddenly dying for out of nowhere. Stay safe out there.

    1. No, people are dying of issues with the vaccine, much more than from Covid. I lost a friend at 48 years old, Cross Fit guy no issues, 3 weeks after his 2nd Moderna shot. Now both Pfizer and Moderna are studying myocarditis and other heart issues from mRNA…why? Because they know it happened and are screwed because healthy adults are dying. It’s disgusting.

      1. Thank you very much! At least there are some people here that know the truth. The fact that people are still thinking this rogue virus is the culprit for all of these unrelated ailments, infuriates me. Look at the data one year into the rollout of the vaccines. Cancer statistics are out of the roof. Heart problems, sudden death syndrome, Neurological disorders that no one’s had any issue with prior to taking the vaccine. I could present a laundry list of questionable data that no one wants to hear. I guess if I took the vaccine and was hearing all of this, I too would be putting my hands over my ears and rolling my eyes. I feel sorry for those that were duped and are still believing this farce.

      2. Where are you getting this info? Sorry about your friend, but someone who had any sort of health issues three weeks after the vaccination… you can’t possibly conclude that that was the cause. While just about everyone has experienced or knows someone who has experienced long-term health issues from the actual virus. Regardless, neither the virus nor the vaccine have been mentioned as contributors to Tyler Roberts heart attack.

      3. You really are a fool. People are not dying from the vaccine more than COVID. You are pure ignorance.

  2. It sure looks like the guy pumped a lot of PED’s into his body over the years as well as more than a few drugs if just half the stories are true. Some told by him.
    After years and years of abusing the body and the poor kidneys and liver finally the body says enough.
    Its kind of like a drunk driver who drove drunk all his life wreaking his car all the time, asking for $$$ to fix his poor abused wrecked car. Kinda not my problem.
    Should of thought of the consequences long ago. Sorry but I need my $$$ for bills.

    1. So let me understand, you’re going to make this kind of comment based upon what you heard and what you see. You don’t know the guy, this is just PURE speculation. Speculation on someone who appears to be in REALLY BAD SHAPE. You’re a shit!!! And I hope one day you’ll get a life!

      1. No lamar… Its not speculation.
        The guy has admitted drug abuse in the past. Garbage IN garbage Out…
        And one thing most people of today do not understand, or they roll the dice and hope they are special and get away with it….ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. All these porn stars living dangerous lifestyles, abusing their bodies, fucking and sucking anybody willing to pay them then get sick, or age out of the biz, then turn to internet panhandling is just getting so predictable and sad.
        And any asshole who defends that way of life is just as sad lamar.
        I am a “shit” but I have always paid my own way in life and Never panhandled $$ from strangers. I work for a living at a real job making a real wage that more than pays for any needs I have. It is called growing up lamar.

        1. aren’t we a superior person? You are indeed a disgusting wretch. Go take your ridiculous nonsense and inflict your blind rage on someone who needs it, not a sick person.

          1. Yes, you really do get what is coming to you. Treat yourself poorly, your body fails. That is what happens. That is why smokers get lung disease and cancer. Why obese people get diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. You put bad things in, bad things happen.

        2. Jacking off to Tyler Roberts vid as you spew your vile self righteous dreck. Bless Your Heart Pavel.

    2. Wow. It’s so easy to sit back and judge people. I don’t know the guy but I do wish him well. I see bitterness in some people. Hey, nobody is forcing you to donate.

      1. I was wondering what had happened as his twitter and fan sites had been quiet. I genuinely feel bad for him and hope he recovers. For what it’s worth, I think it’s pretty bad form to pass judgement on someone who is sick, particularly if they are a stranger and you don’t have all the facts.

        1. Why do you follow people you don’t know? What pathetic life you must lead to have to worry about strangers. I just you cut the cord and go out and get your own life and then you won’t give a shit about strangers.

  3. Poor man and hopefully he comes back from this. You can recover from heart failure though, especially if it is caused by lifestyle.

    Is Aaron the guy that Tyler cheated with and left Jesse Santana for though? I remember the drama at the time and the Twitter flaming.

  4. It’s a shame, however, he did party and use drugs. A body can only take so much. I wish him well, but I hope others don’t follow in his steps.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Yes he did abuse drugs but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve compassion and empathy. His GFM is gaining traction and his family is by his side. I hope Tyler can bounce back and gets the help he needs in all departments. This is the type of situation where porn takes a complete back seat.


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