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Alex Orioli, Todd Rosset, Jaco Van Sant, Jasper & Daniel

Two scenes released this week filmed years ago.

The first one is from Belami Online, where all scenes should be labelled “blasts from the past” since they were filmed years ago before they were released. The latest is a threesome with Alex Orioli, Todd Rosset & Jaco Van Sant, who I believe have all retired from gay porn.

The first of a double dose of 3ways this week features Jaco, Alex and Todd. Continuing with our run of Tuesday ‘Out at Last’ scenes, this one was filmed a while ago and has been sitting in our archive. It is one of Jaco’s very early scenes and was filmed and edited by Todd.

The second one is from Corbin Fisher with Jasper & Daniel, who both had their first scene released in 2015.

Here’s a little blast from the past! This episode had been hiding out in our vault, never released. It features hotties Jasper and Daniel, who were two incredibly popular guys back in their day at CF. So it somewhat astounds me this episode hadn’t yet appeared on the site. We’re fixing that now, though!

6 thoughts on “Alex Orioli, Todd Rosset, Jaco Van Sant, Jasper & Daniel

  1. This is ridiculous as they are making loads of money releasing old content. Lots of the web studios are doing this. For example, The Casting Room is the worst and had rehashed all of it old scenes and is passing them off as new, and I email them to complained about this unfair practice. Bel Ami has also been doing it for ages now so I would never subscribe to them again as its out of order. And Corbin Fisher is releasing old content filmed ages ago as is passing it off as new. I am subscribing but am in the process of cancelling my subscription.

    As nice as this is reminiscing is about the glorious past, Corbin Fisher et al, we do need up to date quality cum busting scenes with new energetic hot looking models. After all we are paying good subs for increasingly lacking content. Let us not forget that these big companies have made and are continuing make millions of Dollars/Euro/Pounds from us paying subscribers and is giving up substandard content!

    Just Saying!

    1. I’m glad that BelAmi releases material from their enormous vault, and I don’t think they try to suggest it’s recent content. I’m less enthusiastic about the trend at other sites to post “remastered” or enhanced versions of old content. But it’s hard to make any money in porn nowadays, so if they can make a little coin in this way I’m not bothered by it.

      1. Fair enough but it taking the piss and earning them more coin, which is unfair give us this along side new content please!

    2. There is a big difference between releasing never-before-seen content that was filmed years ago and re-releasing content that was previously-published – especially when the site tries to hide the fact by giving the old content new dates (as Southern Strokes did, for a while). The latter is essentially fraud, in my opinion.

      Both Falcon & Staxus are now regularly releasing re-mastered versions of old content, but they’re honest about it.

      Of course we’re all free to spend – and not spend – our money where we wish.

      1. The Falcon remastered work includes many truly legendary, classic scenes. I’m not super impressed by the technical quality, though. I don’t see much enhancement or improvement in the images. Feels like more of a marketing angle than an actual “new and improved!” version.

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