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Johnny Donovan, Axel Rockman & Alex Ink

Johnny Donovan with FTM porn star Stevie Trixx as his bottom is up next at Men (not labelled as Why Not Bi or Trans Angels).

Axel Rockman filmed a scene with Shawn Brooks last August for Sean Cody.

Brock Kniles filmed a scene with Kyler Drayke last November for Next Door Studios.

Next Door Studios for the holidays with A Very Stepbro Christmas with Kyle Wyncrest, Jonathan Tylor & Tristan West and New Year’s Fuck with Roman Todd & Andrew Miller.

Alex Ink to be introduced soon by Lucas Entertainment.

12 thoughts on “Johnny Donovan, Axel Rockman & Alex Ink

  1. Every guy in the “who’s getting fucked” tweet is versatile. So, all of them. All of them are getting fucked.

  2. A couple of things that came to mind from this post.
    We get it, sex work is work and bla bla bla, but then seeing this rise in popularity of trans porn makes me question if the pay is good, so much so that people crossing over to the genre are getting more frequent and that if the pay in gay porn has decreased over the years (which I think is the case here). Whatever the case is, trans porn is used as a gimmick for models who aren’t in the spotlight on gay porn blogs to get that coverage back and some followers, it is trash.
    Take Johnny here, homegurl is the typical fem boy who tries way too hard to hide his feminine side by butching his body up with roids, gym and maybe tattoos which, if we’re being honest with ourselves, make up 90% of out gay porn performers who really aren’t that good at sex these days. He wasn’t getting featured on porn blogs for a while now and a bitch needs food too, and now look at him, two updates that feature trans porn.
    P.S. I have an irrational “hate” of SeanCody these days, it has turned into a gateway for lame OF creators to film lazy, uninspired and meaningless sex, jesus fucking christ.

    1. As someone who knows a thing or two about the Brazilian gay porn sphere, I can say that this is no surprise at all

      Over here this has been a trend for some time now, so sucks to suck.

      It’s the good old shock value that gets them that sweet free publicity and droplets of relevance.

        1. Well, there’s not much to say beyond things you probably already know.

          For one, most performers here aren’t actually gay nor have worked exclusively with gay porn at all, as crossovers are very common. Famous names like Marcelo Mastro and Yuri Gaucho have worked with gay, straight and trans porn alike.

          Even self-proclaimed gay men (like Marcos Goiano, for instance) have a known history of scorting for women, which they do partly due to necessity and need to pick any “job” they can get.

          Also, a very expressive niche of brazilian porn consumer’s sexual tastes tend to fluctuate to the exotic, which amounts to pornstars migrating to trans and bisexual scenes in order to cater to this specific market.

          The drama? Well, there’s few but significant cases here and there, but your average porn consumer will probably never even know it happened, as people here tend to see most pornstars as sank material only.

          Yuri Gaucho is a reactionary conservative.
          Alexandra Frota is/was (?) very homophobic.
          Victor Ferraz is a drama queen.

          Does people here know that? Probably not.

  3. WOW – I have never seen STEVIE TRIXX before. Is he new?
    Not sure why but he really does it for me in these pictures. I hope he is as energetic in the scene.
    ALLEN KING : Always a dependable good porn star. He has been around a long time and never disappointing.

      1. Not being a transphobe cost zero dollars. It’s OK to not want to watch trans porn but there’s literally no reason to invalidate someone’s gender identity.

  4. What happened to Allen King’s mouth? It looks like a huge duck bill. Yet another beautiful performer who spoiled his face with these aesthetic treatments that deform rather than beautify.

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