Lee, Nate Rose, Monstah Mike or Gunnar Bishop? (November 2022)

The weekly poll winners for the month of November.

Week 1 – Lee of Tim Tales

Week 2 – Nate Rose of The Bro Network (via Hot AF)

Week 3 – Monstah Mike of The Guy Site

Week 4 – Gunnar Bishop of Gay Hoopla

Vote for your favorite.

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Lee, Nate Rose, Monstah Mike or Gunnar Bishop?
900 votes
Ends on 12/31/2022


  1. Jupiter83

    I just wish Lee Dawson (leedpt) would accept gigs at MEN where he would be more accessible.

  2. Jupiter83

    Gunnar is cute but I am not holding my breath for his gay sex vid at Hoopla. Better support models who will do more for our cause.

    • Gazzaq

      Well said hence why he did not get my vote!

  3. Gazzaq

    I voted for Monstah Mike of The Guy Site as he is hot!

    Gunner forget it as he will never appear with another guy. His site only teases us and beside tonce he had finished appearing on HGF, he like the many other lads, will skip off to other Str8 Porn Sites. As they dont need to do Gay Porn anymore.

    Lee off TT did not get my vote either as TT has blocked me on twitter for asking my asking why in Nik Fros’ raw 3some he did not get DP’ed! When I contacted them via their site they could not be bothered to respond. Was a long term subscriber/fan, am no longer!

  4. Magnus

    This may be a first for me… “all of the above”

  5. Jaxton Reed

    Gunnar Bishop kind of looks like Kit Connor

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