Mick Rocket, Slate Powers, Alan Del Rey, Joe Sting & Joel Hart

Mick Rocket was introduced by Gay Hoopla in 2020. It was only this month that the studio released his first gay scene that had him top Jeremy Barker.

Mick had two straight scenes released last year. Last month, his first bisexual scene was released by Bi Guys Fuck that had him top Slate Powers.

This is a return to porn for Mick due to the presence of more tattoos (hand) & absence of his braces (straight scenes).

Alan Del Rey now has two homemade scenes as the bottom released at Raw Fuck Club. His latest had him in an oral scene with Riley Mitchel at Tim Suck of Treasure Island Media.

Joe Sting with his first scene at Kristian Bjorn that had bottom to Giuspel.

Joel Hart with his first scene at Naked Sword that had him top Dean Young.


  1. Brad

    Where can I find more of Joel Hart please? Underneath the excessive body tattoos and unfortunate face ink, I find him oddly attractive.

    • John

      He does a lot of OnlyFans and JustForFans with his boyfriend under the name “Joel & Cam”, and he’s an amazing bottom.too.

    • Gazzaq

      No mate horrible tattoos what was Joel thinking? I love man with Tattoos but this is awful!

  2. OldFatGuy

    Is Mick Rocket transitioning MTF? With those long painted fingernails it looks like he’s embracing his feminine side.

    • Gazzaq

      Dont be ridiculous seriously silly comment!

  3. Reg

    Okay, Joel might be overtaking Bo Sinn and Chris Damned for the worst tattoos in gay porn.

  4. Gazzaq

    I Fucking Love It! Ok so let’s get this out of the way the painted nails, nah man this is not Elijah off Rhyheim Shabazz lol so Mick sort this out and lose the polish. However, the scene is HOTTTTT!!! Jeremey Barker is my favourite performer on Gay Hoopla he gives his all in every damn scene on GH/BGF/HGF. And he clearly has a massive man crush on Mick. The porn chemistry is there with these two and Mick is a perfect match for Jeremy and yay to the kissing in the shower at the end! I am looking forward Mick losing his porn anal virginity to Jeremy who is excellent porn performer!

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