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Top to bottom for Tony D’Angelo

Tony D’Angelo, whose scenes in gay porn only had him as the top, did bottom in the past to Maya Lafayette for her fan site.

For his first in gay porn as the bottom, he was barebacked by Malik Delgaty & Johnny Donovan at Men. The scene will be released on January 04, 2023.

10 thoughts on “Top to bottom for Tony D’Angelo

  1. It should be noted that the person tweeted 4 months after the initial tweet thread and they are referring to an onlyfans scene as opposed to a studio scene

    1. @Karl: Your response doesn’t make sense to me. What difference does it make when the tweet occurred. The fact of the matter is that Tony wasn’t telling the truth, as I just watched the scene and it clearly shows Tony getting fucked (with a condom) by a black guy.

  2. He went on a homophobic rant!!! When someone tweeted him if he was gay! But took bbc up the ass from a trans cuz that’s what straight men do right?

  3. So it’s another bi guy from Quebec who happens to work in construction ( even though it says he’s a “welder” on his twitter profile)

    Very interesting 🧐

  4. I wish would just do some straight forward fucking rather than these overly engineered scenarios.

  5. A lot of these French Canadian men in gay porn because Montreal is the porn capital of Canada. I think has a studio up there and other porn studios do work there. The homophobia of some of these French Canadian male models ridiculous. They can work in straight porn so why don’t they? They can get all the pussy they want in straight porn. Is it hard for males to make it in straight porn? I don’t even think you got to be good looking in straight porn. Plenty of ugly men in straight porn.

  6. What a huge disappointment of a bottoming ‘debut’ for Tony. The set up was lousy as was the directing and far too short – how is this ‘director’ even allowed to film such crap? Instead of showcasing Tony’s ass being sexily deflowered (in studio porn) – it was ho hum and hardly erotic! A absolute waste of 3 hunks only to under utilize them with crappy direction! Hardly any close up especially when Malik was penetrating him and that stupid washroom setup only made the scene worse as we don’t get to see the fucking and sucking in all its glory. This should be remade asap!

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