Cliff Jensen “I need to vent about last night nightmare with the @XBIZ”

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  1. Pierce Paris disappointing to see his attitude towards HIV positive models. This man barebacks A LOT with other men. He sleeps with a lot of men he needs to check his attitude. Because if Pierce does get HIV one day he wouldn’t appreciate getting discriminated against. He might be on PREP and sure he gets treated. But even testing isn’t 100%. Pierce needs to check his prejudice against HIV positive models. The other model who called him out is correct. Pierce can work in straight porn but even there women get HIV too. Pierce attitude towards HIV positive models is discrimination. If a man is taking his HIV medication he is undetectable he can’t spread the virus.

  2. It’s the job of studios to properly test their performers before shoots, not to keep shady profiles on who they had sex with.

    Even so, if a female pornstar wants to have access to the previous shooting story of any co-performer she, in theory, won’t have any problem of finding said information on her own, as most of it is already on the internet.

    Also let’s face it: crossovers on the straight side of industry are mostly guys on the back end of their relevancy who want to squish a little more of a spotlight before they fade into obscurity, nothing more. The ones more interested in this debate are bi porn stars who also shoot gay scenes once in a while.

    Women who work with those probably already know what they’re in for more than the ones who work exclusively on straight porn.

  3. Is Jake Orion still a thing? Did anybody ever waste $ on him? I thought he was moved on long ago with Samuel OToole….

    1. My thoughts exactly. And how he is a pornstar when he has never did porn? T guys who have been in the gay porn industry for 10 years without doing any real porn is just a head scratch to me, like who is keeping these men afloat? Better question, why?

  4. I’m going to keep my mouth shut on the HIV thing because gay men tend to be biased for obviously reasons…I will say Paris is not wrong, and I loathe Paris. Why would straight porn want to hire Paris anyway. The only reason why he works in gay porn is because the powers that be are straight men who don’t care who they hire as long as the persons can produce a scene, Paris just wants a check. I doubt gay men are rushing to watch a scene with Paris Pierce, but it doesn’t matter because the straight men who hire him do not care what gay men want.

  5. Dillon Diaz “GAY” performer of the year? Who in the hell nominated or even made him the winner? That’s how you know these damn awards are ridiculous.

    Diesel is spot on with his comment.

    1. Dillion Diaz is in a romantic relationship with another MAN he is engaged to Jake Waters. They are a couple. Yes Jake and Dillion fuck women too for a pay cheque. But there aren’t many black men willing to appear in bisexual videos. So Dillion and his fiance fulfill a niche. There are tons of social media proof they live together in Las Vegas.

      1. We know that already. We know the two of the are a couple and that they’ve recently bought a home together etc… Here’s the thing, gay men aren’t fucking women for a check. Him and his fiancé are fucking women because they’re into women too aka bisexual. Bisexual men can be in a relationship with one another.

        No matter what though, there are plenty of other qualified men who deserved “GAY” performer of the year over him.

  6. Cheers MOP a good round up of the Twittersphere this week! And it good the catch up with whats going on in the world of Gay Porn.

  7. Pierce Paris, so…you’re nothing then. And not just when it comes to orientation. You’re just nothing.

    1. Last I saw he was dressing as a women, maybe drag? He was still doing that “spinning around on a rope” Air ballet trick in clubs….. Not sure how you make a living at that, but, I really did like his scenes He was hot.

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