Then & now on Mikey Keller

Mikey Keller won as your favorite model for the first week of April last year but came in last as your favorite model of the month.

This was Mikey Keller at Belami Online last year.

Mikey in his latest shoot at Belami Online.


  1. John

    Hot guy but solo only is a massive pass

  2. Max

    The Hitler haircut isn’t doing him any favors.

  3. Pavel Ford

    The “Old Mikey” with the long hair was very handsome. I like the look even though its not a classic Bel Ami look. “New Mikey” with the facial hair, ok but that haircut has to go…
    Now, lets have Mikey wear his hair long again and keep the facial hair! Perfect.
    He also has to have sex with boys or he is useless.

  4. Phil H

    He looks a million times better with the short hair and the beard.

  5. Magnus

    He was hot “then” but now he’s a real stud.

  6. The Porn Emperor

    Has he lightened his hair as well as cutting it? It’s not really a fair comparison because the second set of photos are not as good. Overexposed.

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