Aiden Hart in full TRANSformation

In 2019, I made a post that Aiden Hart, who is known for his work as a bottom at Gay Room & Pride Studios, was done with gay porn.

… I have grown apart from the personality you know as “Aiden Hart”. I quit my job, went to treatment for adderall depedency, moved twice, got married to an army officer, bought a house, and also acquired 2 fur babbies. I felt like porn, sex parties, and escorting were leading me down the wrong path. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the profession of sex. I just felt like it was no longer what I wanted to do in life. It was also a threat to my husband’s career. Also, I started to feel like the only reason I wanted to have a ripped body and be as perfect as I could be was for everyone else…

Aiden is now in the process of full TRANSformation.

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  1. Sex reassignment and abortion are issues that I’m unable to take a side. I don’t know what to say.

    1. I mean, maybe you aren’t American… but if you are, just read a book. Do some research, something not Fox News or Breitbart… I mean, no offense to you personally, apparently there are many people like you, but it’s so embarrassing to be on a gay porn website and have anti-lgbt stances or just not be firmly placed in your own self interests.

      I mean, abortion, I don’t know how or why that topic came up, but the people that want you to have the least amount of sex or love in your life are not trans or anti-science/ pro-death after birth. Those are the other people, and after they get what they want (on trans issues or abortion), they will put all their attention back on the “g” in the lgbtq. I mean, they already are trying to now with their “groomer” code-talk. Those people don’t care about children or child molesters, it’s all code to attack any kind of gay person. These people are reverting back to preaching homosexuality as a choice of all things! Their actual goals should be clear to anyone here. It’s just I’m sorry, I don’t mean anything against to you personally, but the frustration of just reading those words of”unsure” are embarrassing to me. (but everyone has their own paths in life)

      Specifically on Aiden, I’ll be with you and express my disappointment because I thought he was really hot as a model, but honestly if none of this is in his heart then what can I do but other than hope she can have happiness or content in herself now. I mean, life goes on, relationship with these stars are parasocial at best, and the porn industry has already moved on. I wish her luck.

      1. You know that queer activists have always believed that being gay is a choice even before the 80s, do you? I guess not.

        They were also vocally against same-sex marriage, by the way.

        The only difference between fundies and them is their framing of the issue: fundies think being gay is a choice because their religion says so, also they need it to be choice so they can grift with their gay conversion bullshit. On the other hand, queer activists believe being gay is a choice because they only see it as an abstract identity, form of expression devoid of any material basis.

        Also, many of them think that gay not being a choice limits it’s “revolutionary” potential, which is kind of interesting, to say the least.

        1. Honestly you sound kind of insane to me but whatever. “Queer activist”, how vague can you get, and having to go back to the 70s no doubt to try to make a statement. I’m talking about people, organizations making actual moves and actual legislation now, not having high conversations at an orgy in a Fish concert or something, lol.

    2. SRS is an individual choice, but one that comes with consequences, which unfortunately many transactivists like to sugar coat.

      For one, neo-genitals are, as a rule of thumb, non functional and prone to several complications, needing constant revision procedures and meticulous care.

      In the case of neo-vaginas specifically, they need constant dilation in order not to close up and most of the MtFs who get them don’t use them for sex, as any penetration, no matter how gentle is incredibly painful. This includes dilation, by the way.

      And this is assuming the procedure went 100% smoothly and the thing is 100% fine appearance wise, which is not the case most of the time.

      But then again, it’s like I said before: this is a question of individual choice and not of being able or not to take a side

      1. Your whole comment is so full of misinformation. Why on earth did you type all that when you can’t even be bothered to read the Wikipedia article on bottom surgery for ftm trans people?

        1. You must be trolling, that’s the only explanation!

          Why would I talk about FtM SRS in my comment if the topic of discussion is a male transitioning to female? Are you so dense as to not notice this little fact? Did you even read the post?

          Wikipedia? You know, the online encyclopedia anyone can edit on a whin and that has a long history of editor abuse on controversial topics like this one? Jezzzzz

          I might have only focused on MtG SRS, but the FtM one is just as bad if not worse than what I described (which was a very superficial and stomach-friendly take on the subject, by the way).

          For one, the thing simply can’t get erect on its own, needs to be squished after it’s used to pee every single time because the urine simply gets stuck inside of it and it’s is prone to necrosis due to poor blood circulation.

          It doesn’t help at all that most FtMs who get it go for gigantic sizes either, as it only tends to accentuate the specific problems I described previously (the bigger the thing is, the harder is for the surgeon properly adjust the blood vessels in it).

          Again, this is a matter of individual choice, but I believe this is not an excuse to lie and mislead these people on what they’re in for.

        2. Another thing: when pointing out supposed misinformation, always make sure to be specific about the actual misinformation your’re referring to.

          Do not simply go around making blanked statements, because it just makes you sound like you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  2. All of these claims of transitioning – if they are serious, they would go all the way – not just from the waist up.

    1. Who are you to tell a person if they’re serious in their journey and what they need to or don’t need to do with their own body. Control your own not other people’s body.

    2. I just love(hate really) when people come on here expressing their opinions when it is obvious they’ve done zero research on what they are opining on. The fact is that it is a very personal issue and decision that involves much more that just genitals. I mean it’s obvious because of the picture above. He wants to look like how he feels inside. Again, not just or even about the genitals. Many of those transitioning are happy with what they have down there or realize the risks in surgery and don’t want to take that chance. With mtf, there is much more success in being able to surgically make a penis into a vagina, but mtf is not that advanced. Besides, many trans men are happy with what testosterone does to their clitoris, starting to make it look like a small penis. So many factors and you felt the need to judgingly and ignorantly post what you did? Do better next time.

      1. That isn’t true watch a BBC documentary on YouTube. Some trans people regret transition. And yes some sadly commit suicide. Transition doesn’t mean automatic happiness.

  3. I fully support anyone who is trans and wants to go through with transitioning. Reading through her Twitter, I do hope she is getting mental health support in addition to medical transitioning support. Her marriage to her husband ended, she talks a lot about depression and is full-on back into porn, which she said was so detrimental to her mental health when she quit before.

  4. Not to lower the tone, but…cock or no cock?

    If continuing as a porn star, that has to be a question asked.

  5. “With every thrust, my little cock gets smaller and smaller inside my cage and my hole gets larger and larger. Just the way I was meant to be.”

    Ah, so I guessing genital reassignment surgery is scheduled?

  6. Trans people are mentally ill they suffer from gender dysphoria. So sad to see a man wants to become a woman. I hope he kept his penis. It isn’t real he isn’t a woman and will never be a woman.

    1. You’re correct but you don’t seem to apply this logic to ‘trans men ‘ ie. Women larping as men. You’re a hypocrite.

  7. Sorry, but what i see is a gay man who canΒ΄t accept that he is gay (and thereΒ΄s nothing wrong with that) and had to pretend he had a different sex to fullfill his incabilty of accept who he is

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