First of the 10 lost scenes from Belami Online

A scene filmed in 2013 that had Jack Harrer bottom to Luke Hamill is the latest update at Belami Online.

This is the first scene released out of the 10 lost scenes from various productions in Africa.

Today we have a throwback scene featuring Jack Harrer and Luke Hamill. The scene comes from our 2013 production there, so both guys are very fresh-faced, keen, and eager to make an impression.

We have around 10 of these ‘lost’ scenes from various productions in Africa that we will be showing on Tuesdays to go along with our current Jambo Africa series.

Jack left Belami Online in 2019. His most recent photo shared on social media was in 2020 that showed his sleeve tattoo.

Luke, on the other hand, now works behind the scenes at Belami Online.

5 thoughts on “First of the 10 lost scenes from Belami Online

  1. The idea of “Lost Scenes” sounded so enticing to me that I forgot I give two shits about the content at Bel Ami, lol! (Most of their models just aren’t my type) I’m just complaining because I feel like I wasted my time and now want to at least make something of it.

  2. How do they lose scenes? What’s going on where they can film content, pay models and crew and then just not release it?

    1. I suspect the scene wasn’t “lost,” just filed away and kind of forgotten. It may not have met quality standards at the time or the models had been seen too frequently — who knows? From what I’ve read, BA is quite the porn factory churning out content months ahead of planned release date.

  3. If it’s digital, it’s probably stuff that was put on a hardrive and “lost” that way..

    You can tell it’s from 2013 cause they don’t look like they’ve experienced the last 7 years yet lol..

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